Mixdel Scam (Dec 2020) Explore the Website’s Legitimacy >> Are you looking to buy multiple items online? This article talks in detail about a website dealing with numerous products under diverse categories.

Are you an online shopping pro who loves to buy miscellaneous items? How about a website that showcases an assortment of merchandise that makes for fair personal use and also excellent gift items?

Here is an e-Retailer that displays beautiful products at pocket-friendly prices. The merchandise is so attractive that one can’t help but make purchases with them. Also, the online store claims to offer worldwide delivery. No wonder, customers across the world, especially in the United States are flocking here.

But, in the wake of so many online scams, a question is likely to pop up in your mind:Is Mixdel Scam or legit? 

Let us seek an answer to this question by exploring this eStore through the following article.

What is Mixdel?

Mixdel is an ultimate stopover for online shopping. They seem to be selling everything on their website. You think of a product, and they have it for you.

Their products are available under explicit categories: Hot Deal, Summer Adventures, Fashion & Accessories, Women Collections, Men Collections, Korean Products, and a few more.

Presently, the store is offering some special deals and selling products under irresistible discounts.Is all this genuine or a Mixdel Scam to lure customers?Read the article till the final verdict to discover.

Specifications of Mixdel: 

  • Products- Products like Stationery, Home, Electronics, Fashion, Beauty & Health, Sports & Entertainment, Travel & Vacation
  • Website- https://mixdel.com/
  • Email- [email protected]
  • Contact-705-300-6803

Is Mixdel legit?

The following section reveals what customers say about this store, and also gives some possible reasons for Mixdel Scam. One should know an answer to this before heading to this eStore.

On navigating their website, the first thing that strikes is the multitude of products that they claim to sell. They have random categories, like Travel & Vacation. Strangely, on clicking the tabs, there is nothing available. Same for the category Sport & Entertainment.

Also, the store has a strikethrough pricing that is common on scam websites. All this raises suspicion about its authenticity.

Customer reviews on “Is Mixdel Scam or legit”:

One scroll of the Internet and you discover what customers feel about Mixdel. The customers are highly frustrated that they have not received anything even after three months of placing an order with them.

Also, the store does not reply to customers‘ emails. It is not a good sign! 

Final verdict:

In addition to the loopholes mentioned above, this eStore has a bad trust score of 75%. This means that 75% of customers feel that you should not shop with them.

With so many red flags, it is evident that in our answer to “Is Mixdel Scam”, we have no choice but to say yes, it is.It will be a pleasure to know what you feel about this article. Also, if you have any experience of shopping at mixdel.com, please post your comments here.

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