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Mindwarey Com Reviews {Oct} > Is It A Legit or Not? >–> If you have been searching for the best budget small barbecue or other kitchen appliances, then you must read this article.

Do you like inviting friends or family over for a Sunday barbecue? Then you must check out Mindwarey Com. 

The trend of purchasing goods and commodities online is here to stay. Everything from clothing to appliances for your kitchen can be purchased online. Not only do most e-commerce sites provide door to door delivery but also unbelievable discounts. 

Mindwarey Com Reviews tells us that a site offers customers with a diverse offering of appliances and tools for your kitchen. These are sure to reduce space, help store excess food, or provide you with your favourite style of coffee. 

The site is currently selling in the United States, Malaysia, Canada, United Kingdom, Philippines, and garnering some positive reviews.

If you have been searching for the perfect dishwasher, food processer, or microwave, then this site will put an end to your search. 

But before jumping to making purchases from Mindwarey, you must read this post till the very end. You will find out Is Mindwarey Legit or a scam! 

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Is Mindwarey Legit? 

While we are trying to reap in the best benefits of online websites, so is somebody else. Some websites will try to scam you by selling you false promises. It is usually difficult for a customer to identify if a site is legit or not. 

This review strives to provide you with a full analysis of this site, so you are aware of the pros and cons of purchasing from it. It has a recent creation date address but is up to date on details such as shipping, refund, and exchange. 

But it seems to have the same layout and products as some already existing sites. So, Is Mindwarey.com Scam

What is Mindwarey.com? 

Mindwarey.com is an online store that is currently selling kitchen wares and appliances such as coffee makers, stand mixers, utensils drying racks, and some food storage containers. 

These seem to be available at affordable prices, and the brand talks about ensuring the buying and payment process streamlined. They are also promising to deliver them worldwide. They also mention that they try to respond to customer’s queries in one working day. 

What is unique about Mindwarey.com?

This site is dedicated to selling kitchen wares and necessary kitchen appliances. Mindwarey.com also has clearly defined product categories that ensure customers can make fast browsing that culminates in purchases. 

They have some very cool items, such as the stainless-steel coffee spoons available on the site. In short, everybody would find something to choose from on the site. 

Specifications of Mindwarey.com

  • Product- Kitchenwares and appliances 
  • Website- https://www.mindwarey.com/
  • Email- [email protected]
  • Contact number- not provided 
  • Delivery time- not mentioned 
  • Shipping fee- Free delivery on delivery between 10-15 days, $13 on DHL delivery between 2-3 days 
  • Exchange- not mentioned 
  • Returns- within 45 days of receipt
  • Refunds- unclear on website
  • Mode of payment- online payment via master cards, visa cards, 

Pros of buying from Mindwarey.com

  • Products are affordable 
  • The site possesses an SSL certificate 
  • Customers can make online payments using cards, American Express and even PayPal 
  • They use various delivery methods to ensure they can deliver products worldwide 
  • A large variety of products to choose from 

Cons of buying from Mindwarey.com

  • Contact information is like some already existing sites. 
  • The layout and products, too, seem to be similar. 
  • No reviews available 
  • There is no refund section. 
  • You will have to pay the shipping when making returns. 

Customer feedback on Mindwarey.com

The Mindwarey.com sells some very creative products, but it is hard to ignore that the site lacks genuineness. It does so by sharing details such as its email id and even the layout with already existing websites. 

It is also essential to notice that the site lacks any social media presence. This further makes it hard for any new customer to build trust. The lack of return details and as well as tiny details in the refunds section as well will leave customers frustrated. 

The customers today have understood when sites are trying to make a fool of them. 

Final verdict- 

The lack of customer reviews and transparency makes the legitimacy of Mindwarey.com questionable. Its creation date tells us that the site set up recently, and that adds up the negative points about it. 

As mentioned above, the site seems to have a similar layout and products as already existing sites. It tells us that the website may not be valid. Hence, we do not recommend the site. 

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  1. How to secure your loyal costumer,by asking all personal details ,Advance paymments,dispite of all negative coments in public? How can we fell safe and seccure and safe by your company Mindwarey

    1. I purchased in this website I really regret.
      Because it scam. I never receive my item. I request for my number track and them they sent me after that zi tracked they lied for for me.

      They have online place to cancel, so I cancelled but never I received refund. This is very serious scam.
      So please never do your shop in this website. As too many people here I was also victim for scam.

  2. Placed order with Mindwarey for a over the counter dish rack haven’t received anything yet

  3. Bought a Kitchen Aid mixer for $9.99, got charged $84.94 on my CC thru a company in China May 20, asked to cancel my order after reading it was a scam, several emails back and forth. Still no Kitchen Aid. CC is finally taking the full charge off my card 😁 in July. Don’t fall for this one!!!

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