Microsoft Xbox One Series X Pre Order

Microsoft Xbox One Series X Pre Order (Sep) All Details! >> This article will talk about the launch of Microsoft’s latest Xbox Series X and where you can pre-order.

Have you been waiting for Microsoft to release the latest Xbox series? You’ll be ecstatic to know that the new Xbox series is now available for pre-order. Microsoft Xbox One Series X Pre Order can be done online at selective retailers. We know that pre-orders will not last for very long and so read on to know all the details and quickly book one for you right away.

Pre-orders are now live in the United States, Canada, and the UKYou can verify the details of retailers in your country, offering online bookings before the launch.

Microsoft Xbox One Series X Pre Order

Microsoft claims that the Xbox series X is their fastest and most powerfully designed console

The Xbox series X is all set for launch on November 10th. The price of series X is $499, and a cheaper variant, Series S, is available for $299. The cost includes the console, the wireless controller, HDMI cable, and a power cord. There are no other freebies included. 

Microsoft Xbox One Series X Pre Order starts on September 22nd. You will be able to find various retailers that will let you pre-book the Xbox series.

If you know the exact time when the pre-order opens in your country, chances of you being able to get your hands on one might go up. 

Features of Microsoft Xbox One Series X

  • The Xbox series X weighs 9.8 lbs and comes with a processing power of 12 teraflops. 
  • It comes with a customized SSD and software integrated in such a way that there is a significant reduction in load time. 
  • The visuals are delivered with frame rates of upto 120 FPS, which gives you a truly 4K experience. 
  • With the custom processor and leveraging technology like VRS and Direct Xraytracing, the games you play appear to occur in a more realistic environment
  • The SOC, combined with the velocity architecture, gives you access to speed. With the custom SSD and CPU, you get access to the wheel. You can go from 0-60 in 120 FPS.
  • It comes with a Smart delivery option wherein you have to buy a game once, and after that, you are automatically provided with the best version available for your console.
  • With the usage of advanced algorithms and using 3D spatial audio, the way you will experience the game becomes immersive. 
  • For additional storage, you can buy an expansion card separately. 

Let us share our final views on Microsoft Xbox One Series X Pre Order.

Final Views

Even though the pandemic delayed the launch date, Microsoft is finally launching the Xbox series X this November. If you are a gamer, we know exactly how you feel about it. Microsoft Xbox One Series X Pre Order is now available, and you should book yours without any delay.

Dear Readers, in the comment section below, please tell us your views and experiences about the Xbox series. 

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