Microsoft Free 100 Robux (Dec) Free Codes For Your Game -> Are you playing Roblox games on your Microsoft PC? You can now save the codes and resume your games with extra accessories, in-game currency, etc. Kindly read our post to know how you can redeem them.

Microsoft is giving Microsoft Free 100 Robux to you for the Microsoft Prizes Program. Believe it or not, temporarily, you can procure free Robux coins to spend on your Roblox accessories and games! 

The United States and the United Kingdom are two countries where Roblox gamers are extensively procuring such free ROBUX coins programs. Kindly peruse our article to know more about the essential details!

What are Microsoft Prizes? 

To procure free Robux, you have to register for Microsoft Prizes, a no-cost program from Microsoft. You will procure five points for all search engine searches, among different activities recorded in the below sections. As you save the points, you will reclaim them for accessories or characters on Windows 10 or Microsoft Free 100 Robux Store. Some of the prizes are listed below: 

  • Roblox gift vouchers 
  • Giveaway (for an opportunity to win an Xbox console, Pro X pack, and much more)
  • Xbox Cards: Game Pass and Xbox Live 
  • Multiple gift vouchers for your preferred stores (Starbucks, Taco Bell, Dunkin Donuts, Hulu, etc.) 

Microsoft claims that the points can be recovered for Roblox and Robux gift vouchers. Nevertheless, the gift vouchers are not available in the “Recover” section. 

How to procure rewards?

Here is a glance at how to acquire Microsoft Free 100 Robux through rewards: 

  • Go to Microsoft Prizes. 
  • Tap on “Join to redeem your Robux.” 
  • Make a Microsoft account. 
  • Look down to “More activities.” 
  • Search “redeem your Robux” and tap on “Reclaim Now.” 
  • Tap on “Recover Prize”. 
  • Complete the telephone confirmation to get Robux eGift Card.
  • Visit the Roblox Cards. 
  • Submit the PIN that was given to you in the email and get over with the verification. 
  • Your free Robux reward will show up. 

The most effective method to procure free Microsoft Prizes Robux:

Did you realize that you can recover more Robux coins with Microsoft Free 100 Robux? Here are some ways in which you can procure points in the rewards: 

  • Complete the activities in the set
  • Complete all the activities 
  • Complete punch cards and missions 
  • Acquire five points for each search you make on search engines 

What’s More?

Although Microsoft claims that the reward points can be employed to recover Robux, it does not leave an impression of being an approach to reclaim Robux/Roblox cards. You can expect that these cards will be credited to your account in the future. 

Final Verdict:

When you search for Microsoft Free 100 Robux on your Roblox games, the Microsoft site has a massive load of free codes! You can likewise procure numerous free kinds of stuff through the Roblox promotion codes. Please carefully read our article and understand the concept. It will help us if you leave your feedback in the comment section!

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