Michigan Election Scam (Nov) Know The Reality! >> The article is about what President Trump has to say about losing Michigan to Democrats.  

No matter which part of the world you live in, you have an interest in the United States Presidential elections. Whenever Presidential elections happen in the country, every country in the world keeps a close watch on the election. For trade leaders who prospered during Donald Trump’s presidency, there is a potential difficulty if he loses to Democrat Joe Biden. Similarly, who defied the current President has to look for potential opportunities.  

Now the voting has been done and former Vice-President Joe Biden getting lead, it has been realized about the Michigan Election Scam. As per the reports, Biden has already won Michigan while Trump has sued three states, including Michigan for fraud. Let us find out the complete information about it.

Why Trump sues Michigan?

The Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden showed his way towards the White House by winning key states Wisconsin and Michigan by reaching close to the target of two-hundred and seventy electoral votes. However, the current President Trump showed his rage by suing to suspend the vote-counting due to the possibility of Michigan Election Scam.

While addressing the nation on national television, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris did not say anything about the victory; instead said when the count will finish, they will come as the winner. Trump, on the other hand, showed his disagreement about cheating. He further mentioned that he would not accept the results and issued complaints without any supporting evidence.

Michigan Election Scam: unitePresident Trump further made a tweet that the damage has been done to our system’s integrity without any explanation or proof about the ballots. The campaign sued to hold the tabulation of voting by mentioning observers were not allowed to watch the counting from close distance in the United-States.

What is the reaction of Democrats?

Biden showed his calmness and said how the nation was troubled due to polarized leadership that even traumatized the Covid-19 pandemic. On Wednesday, the daily infection reached almost one lakhs for the first time. Commenting on the same, Biden said, we have to stop treating our competitors as enemies to make progress.

Earlier, Biden won Wisconsin with a narrow margin, and as per the United States media, he is leading Michigan with more than a lakh vote. Moreover, Biden or his Vice-President candidate Kamala Harris did not speak anything about claims made by President Donald Trump. It comes as a surprise that for the first time in American such claims are being made. 

Final Words

The world is full of surprises, and the whole world keeps a close eye on the US elections. The Republicans are claiming Michigan Election Scam as people were not allowed to observe counting from a close distance. As per reports, the total turnout of voting would record 160 million, which comprises 101.1 million early voters, sixty-five million cast their votes through the mail due to the current pandemic. It is the highest voting ever done in the history of a hundred years.

So far, Democrats have reached electoral votes of 264 marks against 214 of Republicans. By adding six more electoral votes, Biden is heading towards the White House and seems like there is no Michigan Election Scam. If you have any information to share, please let us know in the comment section.

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