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We keenly analyze the comic book Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 73 and mention its storyline and popularity. So, stay tuned with us for the latest info.

Are you interested to know about Mercenary Enrollment? Are you curious to know about its chapters and characters? If yes, then here in the subject matter, we are talking about a series that has recently released one of the chapters.

The series is gaining popularity in several countries such as the PhilippinesIndonesiaBrazil, and the United States. Therefore, in the write-up Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 73, we will study the series chapters through the following section.

Details on Mercenary Enrollment-

It is a popular Japanese manga series, and peoples like it very much and are always eager to know about its new chapters. Therefore, the Mercenary Enrollment series has made its launch on 6 November 2020.

This comic book story got more popular within its few chapters after release because it contains several fans. And they are always wanting to know the summary of the chapters and show deep interest in reading new chapters.

The storyline of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 73-

The book shares a story of a little boy who lost his parents in a plane crash. He was only eight-year-old when he lost his parents. After this shocking incident, he came back to Korea and gripped worldwide attention.

The little boy’s name is Ijin which is the main character of this comic series. The entire story revolved around this young boy. He faces several challenges in his life. Suddenly one day, he is kidnapped by an unknown group. Here, he does harsh training and works as a soldier for around eight years. And fights battles throughout the world.

Predictions on the Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 73-

The next chapter, number 73, will be released on 21 February 2022. Based on the previous chapter’s readers are going to predict the storyline of chapter 73 that can be like-

The young boy Ijin after the tragedy of the plane crash, came to his place to meet his family. Here, he will be forced by the unnamed group to join the child mercenary to survive. After ten years, he returned to meet his family in Korea, where he found well enough food shelter, and everything seemed peaceful.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 73 synopsis says that Ijin determines another level to survive. When he was in high school last year, he plotted a schoolhouse to the battleground route. Now the readers are curious to know whether Ijin will finish his high school remaining year or not? Does the school accept that child to continue his remaining high school studies?

So, the chapter contains fantasy, action, manhwa and science fiction.


The readers like the comic book, always eager to read its new chapters. The book contains all the features that can attract readers. The storyline of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 73 is amazing. Visit here- Mercenary Enrollment  and get more information about it.

Are you curious to read its upcoming chapter 73? Then, let’s comment on us.

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