Martin Lewis Bank Scam 2020

Martin Lewis Bank Scam (Nov) Here’s What You Know -> Get to know about the latest banking scam that was discussed by a popular financial journalist.

Did you recently hear about the banking scam that the famous journalist Martin Lewis spoke about? If yes, then continue reading as we shed more light on this scam. 

Many people are posting questions about the Martin Lewis bank scam. So, today we decided to take a close look at the scam and share its details with our readers. 

Martin Lewis is a famous financial journalist in the United Kingdom who spoke in detail about the scam after a caller shared her experience. 

Banking scams are more prevalent than ever before. Here we’re sharing more vital info about this. 

What is this scam all about?

Wondering what the Martin Lewis bank scam is all about? Martin Lewis, the founder of a famous website called, recently appeared on the popular show This Morning. 

He answered a wide range of questions from the public regarding finances. One of the callers on the show informed Martin Lewis about the latest scam that she had fallen to. As per the caller, who is an ICU nurse, she became a victim of an authorized push payment scam. 

The scammers claim to be from the bank or the police and ask the individual to share bank account details. The victim of the scam did not receive any relief even after contacting the bank. 

Things to know about the scam:

  • The Martin Lewis bank scam warns people about the high prevalence of scams. 
  • The journalist informed the viewers that there are many banking scams targeting common people. 
  • The latest victim of the scam lost £8000 of her hard-earned money. 
  • The bank informed the individual that there was no way to get the money back. 

Who should be aware of it? 

Everyone with a bank account needs to be aware of the Martin Lewis bank scam. The scammers are targeting people from all walks of life. The latest victim was an ICU nurse. That is why everyone needs to be aware and maintain caution while receiving calls. 

What are people saying about this scam?

After the show, many people took online to share their experience with the Martin Lewis bank scam. Some of the people are sharing details about bank scams and personal experiences. 


The news about the banking scam came to light after a caller on This Morning shared her plight with the famous journalist Martin Lewis. She shared that the scammers robbed her of £8000. 

According to the caller, the bank told her that there was no way to retrieve the money. Martin Lewis warned the viewers of the show and many others about the huge prevalence of scams that’s affecting numerous bank customers all over the country. 

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