Lysolec Shop Reviews (Dec) Is It Legit? >> The article is all about the site that provides Lysol products and sees whether it is a scam or a legit one.

Lysolec Shop Reviews: Do you want to buy some cleaning and disinfectant products? Want it on a reasonable price? Then, you are on the right webpage as we have the website that proffers all such products that belong to a well-known brand. The site is getting popularity among people, and so, we come up the same.

It is vital in this year of pandemic and infections to keep some cleaners at home and other places too. That is why the site is a good pickup, but we need to consider all aspects of the site. In the e-commerce market across the United States, there are a lot of sites that are scam and want to loot money illegally.

Thus, it is mandatory to explore the online store first and then, buy from it.

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A few words about Lysolec Shop

Simply put, it is another addition to the online e-commerce stores that provide all types of cleaners and sprays to the people across the globe. It is easy to order products from this site as the user interface is friendly and also, Shipping is quick too. The products include cleaning wipes, laundry sanitizer, disinfectant spray, all-purpose cleaners and so on.Thus, we need to get into the Lysolec Shop Reviews to know all ins and outs of the products.

Some other details about the Lysolec Shop

Here are a few specs about the website as we have enlisted below.

  • The site can get accessed through the link, that is
  • The office address of the store is 3840 NW 116th Ter | Sunrise | Florida | US Zipcode: 33323-2663.
  • A lot of product range is available to protect us from viruses such as wipes, sprays, cleaners and so on.
  • The site is using the Shopify platform.
  • The site has a return policy of 30 days from the day of purchase, and no product return get accepted after that period.
  • There is a refund policy of 45 days.
  • The shipping cost of the products is $19.99.
  • The Shipping takes five to twelve days.
  • The site has online modes of payment available such as Visa, American Express, PayPal, Discover, Master Card and others.
  • The website has a newsletter and order tracking options available.     
  • Various currency options are available, like the United States dollar, GB Pound, Canadian Dollar, Euro, and Australian Dollar.

Pros of the Lysolec Shop Reviews

Here are some positive points of the website below.

  • Fast Shipping is available on the products.
  • Returns and exchange policies are available, in case of dissatisfaction.
  • All the products are in numbers to fulfil needs quickly.
  • Fast Shipping is there.
  • Online modes of payment are available to deal with the product order online.
  • All the currency options are available on the website.
  • All the products are of high-quality as belongs to a recognized brand.

Cons of Lysolec Shop Reviews 

Here are some loopholes of the site that make it hard for customers to trust the site.

  • There is no contact number available on the site.
  • No social media handles are present.
  • All the product images are copied.
  • No customer reviews are available about the site and the products.
  • The website is only 18 days old, and we cannot trust a site that is too recently designed.

Customer reviews about Lysolec Shop

While getting into the site through the Lysolec Shop Reviews, we get to know that the site has no reviews available yet. Also, we scroll through another site, but there are no such reviews found from any real buyer. The site has no social media accounts, so it is hard to find anything about the products.

Therefore, it becomes hard for us to find out any opinions from the buyer’s side.

The Bottom line

After introspecting into the review, we get to know that the site is only eighteen days old. Also, there are a lot of red flags in the web store that needs to be eliminated.

In addition to this, the site seems like suspicious as the images are copied, no reviews and no contact number is available, and even the address is not a genuine one. Based on all these facts about the website, we can say that Lysolec is a scam and not a part of legit sites.Drop a line for all your issues and queries related to Lysolec Shop Reviews, and we will solve.We are happy to help you!

11 thoughts on “Lysolec Shop Reviews (Dec) Is It Legit?”
  1. I’m guessing I was desperate, at this point, & felt I needed to hurry & purchase these items while they were still available. I went in, & placed an order for $52.05, on Nov 19, 2020. I purchased the items using my Debit Card. Around a half an hour later I went back into the site, & ordered another $50.16. I did receive one e-mail & invoice pertaining to my first order, but never received an email from my 2nd order in which I thought strange. I began researching the company, & found nothing until today when I googled the address listed on the website. I will be calling my bank in the morning…to see if there is anything that can be done at this point. Also…I’m wondering if anyone has received any products from this company.

    1. Hi, I read your email regarding the Lysol store. I just happened upon it last night & feel the same way as you did (desperate) I thought I’d Google the Company before ordering. I found this site with your email. I was wondering, have you ever received your purchase? Do you know or believe it’s a scam? What happened with your purchase order? Thank-You for your time!
      Keep Staying Safe!🙂

    2. I placed an order on 11/17 and today the site is unreachable. No order received and no email confirmation of my order. I will be disputing the charges with PayPal.

  2. I went and placed my order for $42.12, on Nov 13, 2020. I purchased the items using my Credit Card. I did receive 1 e-mail & invoice pertaining to my order. I began looking into the company, and found nothing until today when I googled the address listed on the website to get a phone number. I will be calling my bank to stop payment and say I have never received products …

  3. I ordered on 11/7/20.
    Never received order.
    No response by customer service twice.
    Can’t find a phone number.
    Buyer Beware.

  4. I placed a order on November 10 2020 and I never received it I would where I can get a refund I paid 45.00 I would if they is a number to call.

  5. It was to good to be true! $42.61 gone! I hope I can get my money back. I will pay full price on Amazon. Lesson learned.

  6. I just wanted to Thank All of you for your responses. I’m sorry that you all were scammed but hopefully by communication together we can Stop These Scammers In the Future Before People Get Ripped Off!
    Bless You All and I HopeYou All Have a Wonderful HolidaySeason !, 🙂

  7. I, too, ordered from this sight on 11/18 being desperate needing disinfectant spray because of Covid. Sent 2 messages and never received a response. Checked my tracking number to see where it was and it says delivered 11/28, go to the mailbox and they sent a pink whistle! Beyond furious. Have contacted PayPal.

  8. Lysolec is a scam. Like all of you, I ordered Lysol a month ago. I never received anything and they never responded to my emails. Luckily, I pa6 everything through PayPal and made a complaint. PayPal investigated and issued me a refund. I know see lysolec’s site is no longer available- good!

  9. It is Fake. Do not buy. I lost out on 60.00. They scam by by sending you a teeny tiny item and then saying the item was received. The name on my charge was ZHONGQINGJI. SCAMMERS

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