Loobing com Reviews 2020.

Loobing com Reviews {Dec} Is It Trustworthy Or Scam? >> Read the whole article to find out which suspicious website you may have dealing with till now.

Are you well-informed about those websites which sell all kinds of products? Some may seem sketchy, so let’s find out the true colours of an online store in Loobing com Reviews

For all the shoppers who tend to stay at one place to shop for all they need, Loobing is a perfect place. It has a comprehensive collection of products available at discounted prices. 

Whether it is people from the United States or any other country, we all want our shopping experience within our budget. Get ready to learn if it’s safe to buy from here. 

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What is Loobing?

It is a digital shopping platform that stores every type of product, from cosmetics to masks. Loobing let its customers choose from a broad range of collection of items. 

Your everyday needs like scissors, door stoppers, toys for kids are all available with large discounts. It will definitely encourage you to buy more from this website. 

Specifications in Loobing com Reviews. 

  • Website Link: https://www.loobing.com/
  • Contact Number: You can contact through WhatsApp on +852 9340 4952. 
  • Email ID: [email protected] 
  • Physical address: They have not given any address. 
  • Shipping Policy: The company will ship the order within 48 hours of the request. Then you can get your parcel within 3-15 business days. Customers do not have to pay any kind of tax.  
  • Payment Mode: PayPal, Master Card, VISA, and Discover.
  • Domain Age: According to a trusted source, 26th August 2020 is the domain age. 
  • Products: The website sells clothing for women and men, toys, tools, LED lights, etc. 
  • Social Media: Loobing does not have any social media account in Loobing com Reviews.
  • Return & Refund Policy: if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 60 days of receipt. They will either return it or credit a full refund excluding shipping fees. 

Pros of the website 

  • The website’s HTTPS connection is secure, which means your personal information is safe here.
  • They have a good collection of products available and ship all around the globe.
  • They are also giving a discount on every item that makes them affordable. 
  • You can get free shipping on orders above $54, and they are taking a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Cons of the website 

  • For Loobing com Reviews, they have not posted the About Us and Terms & Conditions page. 
  • People haven’t given anywhere on the internet. 
  • There is no special sale going on, and discounts seem suspicious. 
  • Lack of relevant information like the owner’s identity, physical address, when it started, etc. 
  • The content on the website is totally plagiarized and doesn’t look professionally written. 
  • The trust score is meagre, and Alexa’s ranking is very poor, which means it is not a well-known website. 

Is Loobing a Legit website or a Scam?

The website’s registration date is 26th August 2020, which is also its domain age. It didn’t get Loobing com Reviews on any reliable source, maybe because it’s a new site in the digital market and probably consumers are not informed about it.

But there are other factors which can’t be ignored, like the lack of relevant information about the company’s owner, physical address, and few policy pages. 

The WhatsApp number they have provided also seems suspicious due to the location it is indicating. There’s no social media presence, which is considered another trust factor of a company. 

Looking at all these red flags, we don’t think this website is safe to shop from. A consumer must go through well-informed research before purchasing a small object even. 

Customers saying in Loobing com Reviews

As we have already implied, the website is only three months and nineteen days old. Therefore, there’s a possibility of people being unaware of it. 

People from the United States on the internet are still questioning its legitimacy as nobody has written a single review about the site’s performance. 

One user commented on an article that they ordered drums but got only drumsticks, and now they are not returning the inquiries. The customer is claiming it to be a scam.


After analysing so much on the pros and cons of Loobing website, it concludes that it doesn’t look like a trustworthy e-store. People must be alert before spending their money on Loobing com Reviews

One consumer is writing a nasty comment and calling it a scam. The lack of information, shady phone number, and too good to be true discounts reeks of a negative vibe.

If you have purchased anything from here, then share your experience with us in the comment section.

18 thoughts on “Loobing com Reviews {Dec} Is It Trustworthy Or Scam?”
  1. I just purchased the drum, and was able to use paypal to purchase in case it is not a legit website. Anytime they offer paypal or other payment methods that help guarantee the purchase, i feel better taking a chance. I will report back when (or IF) I receive the product on it’s timing, quality, and any begativd issues or positive feedback.

    1. I ordered 2 drums for my Grandchildren. I’m 80 years old and did not look for reviews until now. I got a confirmation # and thought I was going to receive them. I am going to cancel my credit card and probably will never order on line again. All of the information I got from Facebook!! I m leaving Facebook too!

    2. I’m wondering if you received your drum yet. I ordered the same thing on 12/12/20 and received an email on 12/18/20 saying that it had shipped, but I still don’t have it. I sent an email to the company 4 days ago (1/9/21) inquiring about the order and have not had a response. I’m not impressed.

  2. I ordered steel hang tongue drums 13 Dec 2020 from the Loobing ad on Facebook. First though maybe I did not hit one last button to order the drums. Did not get a confirmation number for my order. Tried calling the number which is a prefix in Hong Kong no answer no voice mail. So I sent an email to them. No response.
    I contacted my bank on 19 Dec to see if I could “stop payment” on a debit card. They said they would reject any transaction that occurred from an international company. The charge did not show up on my debit card until late 19 Dec. After bank closed.
    What can I do to get my $$$ back (I will talk to my bank on 21 Dec) and block them from advertising on facebook?

  3. I also ordered a hang drum on December 16 and paid extra for “expedited shipping” – I have yet to receive it!

  4. Ordered from them in Dec. 17. My tracking number has never been able to track my delivery. Called the shipping company and they say they have never received it from the sender. I’ve sent 5 emails and tried to call. What a rip off. Next call will be to my credit card to report fraud.

  5. I also ordered the hang drum. They sent me a confirmation email with a tracking number that leads to a site. The site does not recognise the tracking number. I have emailed them a few times and not received any response from them.

    Luckily I paid through PayPal and have already raised a dispute with them. I won’t hear for another month. I have huge doubts I’ll be getting what I ordered, so will wait for PayPal to reimburse.

  6. The hang drum I received took a very long time to arrive (no warehouse in Australia as promised on their webpage!) and then when it did arrive, it was nothing like the description!!! The one I received is a child’s toy and 1/3 of the size per the description. I’m in the process of getting my money back via PayPal. Do not trust this seller!!

  7. Stay clear. Massive scam. I along with lots of people, had ordered a steel drum and received a small 6 inch piece of crap. Have lodged complaint with PayPal as have lots of the reviewers who left negative feedback. AVOID THIS SITE IF YOU VALUE YOUR MONEY. SCAMMER SCAMMERS SCAMMER. feel so annoyed with myself falling for it.

  8. I ordered the hang drum from looking on Dec 16, 2020. It came immediately out of my account but a receipt came back saying I paid to PayPal but it came out of my MasterCard account. They sent me an email with all the details. There was no merchant ID number and no tracking number. I have yet to get an email saying it was sent. I have emailed so many times and no reply. I know now it’s a scam.
    I know all online companies are not like that but there are too many scams from Chinese companies.

  9. it must be a scam our order 19 december we never recieved it but you took our money on the order my wife wants me to contact you first before i turn you into the better buisness 157.00

  10. Ordered the steel drum December 19 and paid extra for expedited shipping. Order still not received. No response after multiple emails to several different customer service email addresses and have not received one response. Last email sent was returned as undeliverable. Scam scam scam

  11. After ordering from the Loobing ad on Facebook, I doubted that the site was legit because of an unusual tracking number which
    didn’t show any movement for a long time. I contacted PayPal and they checked into it and sent me a USPS tracking number.
    It took just over a month, but I did receive the steel tongue drum. It is much smaller and a different style than I ordered, though. The return address is in CA, but I don’t think it originally came from CA and that is why it took so long.

  12. I ordered from them.never got my drum,

    I emailed them ….no email back

    They did take my money.

    Big scam….all the way.

    Give me my money-back or the drum I bought and I’ll say different

  13. Have nothing to do with loobing. My order for 3 medium sized steel drums with 15 playable notes took about 6 weeks to arrive and when it did finally arrive the drums were small with only 8 notes. I tried contacting loobing, using both of the email addresses provided, requesting a returns label but got no replies. The word scam springs to mind, particularly having read other customer reviews with virtually identical experiences to me.

  14. I too, ordered the hang drum off a facebook ad in December. Delivery took over a month. What I ended up with was a child’s drum that was not the quality of the one I had ordered. I e-mailed them twice to give them a chance to correct the issue. I have never received a response and am disappointed that I can’t reverse the payment and have lost money to people who clearly don’t care. The reviews on the website show that this has happened to many, many people! Save yourself time, money and frustration and don’t order from this website!

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