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Lily Scarves Reviews (Sep 2020) Is This an Online Scam? >>  The article, as mentioned above, is for a website that sells various kinds of scarf masks.

If there is one addition that 2020 has made in our lives, then it is the masks. But for some people, wearing a mask seems like an additional responsibility. One can find people wearing masks every time that they step out. Today, we are going to write about a website that sells masks online. 

The USP of these masks are that these are not like the traditional masks that people wear. These masks have caps attached to them. The website is operational in places like the United Kingdom, Ireland, etc. So, read on for Lily Scarves ReviewsYou will find a lot of information about the website, the products it offers, and its legitimacy through this article. 

So, read on and know the details about this website. 

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What are Lily Scarves?

Lily Scarves is a website that is based in the United Kingdom. We find that the website has a beautiful collection of masks and scarves that is a revolutionary product in masks. It will cover your face and will also help you look stylish. We think that the credit should be given to the website for being innovative. However, many websites have popped up in pandemics and have created some innovative products online. But we all know that most of these sites end up being a scam. 

The best part of this site is that it has a summer collection and a winter collection. We fell in love with the masks the moment we saw them. It not only sells innovative products online, but it also promotes wearing masks. The price of the products is also very reasonable. One can find a wonderful variety of colors, designs, and patterns on the website. We think that after getting the masks cum scarves like this, it will be easier not to forget wearing a mask. Read on more to know about Lily Scarves Reviews.You will find more information to help you decide whether or not you must purchase from this website.

Specifications of the website:

  • Website URL:
  • Products that it offers: Scarves and masks.
  • E-mail address: [email protected]
  • Address of the website: Not mentioned
  • Time is taken for shipping: 24 hours.
  • Time is taken for delivery: 5-15 days.
  • Returns: In 30 days

Pros of Lily scarves:

  • The website has well-designated sections.
  • The website has clear returns and refunds policy.
  • The website provides free shipping in the UK. The product offers both summer and winter collection.

 Cons of Lily Scarves:

  • The website doesn’t have any address mentioned.
  • The website also charges additional fees for shipping.
  • The website is not available on social media platforms.

 Is Lily Scarves Legit?

While finding information for Lily Scarves Reviews, we found that the website was registered only two months ago. Any website that is less than six months old has more chances of conducting scams. The website has a valid SSL connection, but then it is not enough to trust a website. The website also has social media handles with the name of a website that is different from this one. There is also inadequate information on the website for owner information; all of this makes us suspicious of the website’s credibility.

 Customer reviews:

While we were trying to find information for Lily Scarves Reviews, we have found a section on the website that has the customers writing their reviews for the website. Though we tried to search the internet for the website reviews, we didn’t find many authentic customer reviews for the website. Some users have found the website selling a unique way of fo wearing masks, using them as a cap and a mask simultaneously.

Final Conclusion:

For Lily Scarves Reviews, the website has many factors that point towards it being a safe place to shop from; one can find the website having positive reviews. However, we still cannot recommend this website to our readers. It is because the website is too new to be trusted. Thus, we will ask the readers to place an order from the website only after its legitimacy.

In case you have ever shopped from the website before, you can write your shopping experience from the website in the comments section below.

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  1. They operate what I consider to be a very questionable pricing method. When you order for the first time from them and you buy more than one item, AFTER PAYMENT, they offer you a further reduction if you ADD TO THE SAME ORDER. I questioned this and asked for consideration of a refund as this offer was not pre-payment notified,and they lied and said it was an offer for a SECOND order – which it definitely was not. BTW – DON’T GET CONNED – THIS IS A CHINESE OPERATION!!

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