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Laura Fletcher Mcdonalds (Oct 2020) Explore its Reviews. >> In this article, you read about a true-crime podcast.

The Strip Search phone call hoax that found several victims all across the United States from 1992 to 2004 is now available on Podcast by Casefile as Case 157. The case describes Laura Fletcher Mcdonalds ordeal that had taken the country by storm in April 2004.

If you are not aware of the case, we request you to read until the article’s end for more details.

What is Case 157 of Casefiles?

Casefile True Crime Podcast is a weekly or fortnightly podcast released worldwide based on the United States and the UK’s actual criminal cases. Dean Laffan narrates the Podcast as Anonymous

Case 157 or the Laura Fletcher Mcdonalds case has gained a special reception. The case itself was unbelievably weird and went on trial with multiple people being affected for many years.

What happened to Laura Fletcher?

The Laura Fletcher Mcdonalds incident took place in April 2004, when a caller identified as Officer Scott, called the Mcdonalds Mount Washington, Kentucky. The caller asked Donna Summers, the Store Manager, to identify a young blonde woman working in the store, as she had stolen something from a customer. 

Donna isolated Laura based on the call and charged her. What followed next was a set of bizarre incidents and multiple sexual assaults on Laura Fletcher (name changed) by more than one person for over two and a half hours till they discovered the call was a hoax. I

The caller asked people to perform invasive cavity searches on Laura and even made Laura Fletcher (name changed) perform oral sex on her assaulters. The men assaulting her had to describe her body and activities continuously. Officer Scott was on the call speaking to them throughout this time, and the entire incident was caught on CCTV.

Later on, Donna Summers called the police. Investigations revealed the caller was a hoax and had done the same to over seventy small-town eateries all across the United States. The calls were all made from AT&T payphones and every time targeted young blonde women leading to such assault. 

David R Stewart was finally arrested and tried for the case but got acquitted upon a lack of evidence. The hoax ceased ever since his arrest.

What are people saying?

Patrons of the Casefiles have lauded the initiative. Anonymous, the narrator of Casefiles True Crime Podcast, has done a fabulous job of narrating the entire Laura Fletcher Mcdonalds ordeal perfectly. Even the background scores by Andrew Joselyn and the narrative by Creative Director Milly Raso is flawless. 

Casefiles are popular as it is, this particular case because of it’s bizarre nature has gained more followers, downloads, and listeners than usual. For fans, Case 157 is a hit.


So far, there are over 2-3 movie adaptation of the bizarre Laura Fletcher Mcdonalds incident. The Podcast is an excellent initiative in the true crime genre and highly intriguing. And we would suggest everyone check out Case 157 of Casefiles.

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