Lantern Festival London 2021 gly

Lantern Festival London 2021 (Feb) Know Details!-> From where does Lantern Festival originate? If you want to join this festival, read this article for details.

Across the United Kingdom, Lantern Festival is celebrated annually in February generally.

Lantern Festival London 2021 celebration seems to have been affected as people cannot celebrate this event like they use to do before covid19.

Chinese citizen’s Festival is commonly celebrated as the lantern Festival which was first celebrated in China around two thousand years back. 

It began when the Han Dynasty was existing, and people throughout China began celebrating this fiesta every year. Now, we also come to see this event taking place in London.

Today we will study this Festivals interesting and basic facts that we must have information about!

About Lantern Festival:

Carry on your reading to know about Lantern Festival London 2021!

The Chinese lantern celebration is carried out on full moon first night of the Lunar year. It’s the only traditional Festival among Chinese people after the new year of China. People light up their homes; decorations are done, lantern riddles are being played.

Most importantly, people love to make and eat rice balls named yuan Xiao in China, and this is the most important dish which is mandatory to be made on this special occasion of the lantern festival.

There are other two names given to this Festival, and they are Shang Yuan festival and yuan Xiao Jie.

When Is Lantern Festival London 2021?

It’s officially announced that this year lantern festival will be celebrated from 4-6 PM on February 26 2021.

The lantern festival generally originates from China and celebrated all over there. The main locations for celebrating this Festival are Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing. Besides these places, this celebration is done anywhere globally, marking the significance of the Chinese New Year.

Also, we saw in our research that UK citizens also celebrate this occasion with huge excitement and joy every year. Still, this year everything is carried out virtually, keeping in mind all the covid19 safety precautions.

Let’s have more information on Lantern Festival London 2021!

What Happens In London Lantern Festival?

Do you know why people call this Festival as Yuan Xiao? Well, the main part of this event is having a traditional dessert named yuan xiao. These are rice balls that taste sweet, also known as tangyuan. It’s made up of glutinous rice and water stuffed along with sweet fillings. What more happens during this occasion, check below!

  1. Lightening up of colourful lantern
  2. Eating traditional dessert named tangyuan
  3. Enjoying moments with loved ones
  4. Playing Lantern riddles 
  5. Lighting Fireworks 

These are the main focus around which Lantern Festival revolves. Besides these all-activities, other performances are held like dragon dance and lion dance.


This article gives you a brief overview of Lantern Festival London 2021 and the importance of this Festival. Also, you will know what all things people do on this special occasion and about the origin of this Festival.

This year’s lantern festival has been celebrated virtually due to covid19, but Chinese people still seem to be happily celebrating this occasion!

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