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Kevin Games Among Us (Dec 2020) Give A Take! >> Are you searching for a new platform to play a top-rated game, Among Us? Then, read this article once!   

Are you’ll bore of the same old mode in Among Us? New a need version to keep you excited?

Here we will discuss this new mode created by a fan website known as Kevin Games Among Us. This article will help all the Among Us fans willing to try more and experience other modes.

The game Among Us took 2020 by storm and kept people entertained at home. Since then, the popularity of the game in the United Kingdom has skyrocketed.

Let us know more about this fan-made version of Among Us!

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What is Kevin Games? 

Kevin Games is a website that is a platform for all the games that cannot be played on a computer. The versions on this website are different than the original ones; the website Kevin Games Among Us was launched on 30th January 2017.

Several games of all genres can be easily played on a browser with no downloading. But what is so different about this fan-made version? Let’s find out!

What is Among Us Online?

The fan-made version is called Among Us Online; this version is only available on the website to know as Kevin games.  What makes this fan-made version unique is that this version has something missing from the original game.

The fan-made version of Kevin Games Among Us has a single-player version; this is a browser version and can be played on any computer device. 

As we know that the original game is only to be played on a phone, but this fan-made version can be played on any computer.

What is the difference between the fan-made and the original game?

Everything is the same, from the graphics to the rules. The only difference is that this fan-made version is a single-player version. The original version is played with many players; even ten at times can join.

Kevin Games Among Us is played only by one player; this gives the player the advantage of playing single and getting good at the game, also the best at imposter tactics.

Out of all the adventure games on this website, Among Us online is the best one. Fans from the United States are thrilled with this version and can’t get enough of it.

How Among Us Online helped many fans’ dreams come true?

 Since the original game started gaining immense popularity, many fans wanted a different version of the game. Some of them were bored with the old version and desperately wanted a new version.

That is when Kevin Games Among Us made the fans happy with this very own fan-made version of Among Us.


We now conclude this article by stating that this fan-made version is not associated with the official game of Among Us. Many fans made versions of Among Us on the internet, and this is one of that.

Please comment on your views about this version of Among Us in the comment section below!

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