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Juan Luis Lagunas Death Video: Complete Details!

Is it safe to say that you are a virtual entertainment darling? Have you watched a video of Juan Luis Lagunas? Sadly, he is dead now; notwithstanding, his video before his passing is getting viral again on the social stage. Individuals in the US are interested to investigate his last video. In any case, is Juan Luis Lagunas Passing Video accessible on any web-based entertainment? Allow us to investigate it underneath.

Disclaimer: We are not advancing any individual or big name. All the data referenced here is taken from certifiable sources.

 Death video of Juan Luis Lagunas

Juan Luis Lagunas passed on from a baffling homicide on the eighteenth of December, 2017. On similar date, his new party was declared at Menta-2 Cantaros bar, where a gathering of men shot him with 15 slugs. This video is getting viral on the web nowadays. Nonetheless, the specific connection isn’t accessible.

He was a renowned vlogger normally known as ‘El Pirata de Culiacan’ by his supporters. His video content is the video blog of his way of life with pain free income, liquor, unseemly meds, and acclaim. He used to broadcast this large number of on his YouTube account.

Why is Juan Luis Famous?

Juan Luis brought in cash by broadcasting his day to day exercises, which were immensely unseemly. Be that as it may, on account of his tremendous number of supporters, he got customary solicitations from his informal communities. Consequently, he used to be available in many live artists and music bunch shows.

Juan Luis Lagunas-How did he die?

Before he went live from the area, he communicated his keep going video on Instagram with three ladies and five men. After the party began and drinks were streaming around at 11: 20 pm, four furnished men moved toward Juan’s table and shot him with 15 projectiles.

Numerous presentin the area addressed that Juan attempted to stow away from these outfitted men however was pulled and cornered. 

The assumption behind this murder

In one of his viral recordings, Juan Luis bravely tested the enormous dealer in Mexico. This individual’s name was Nemesio Oseguera, otherwise called El Mencho. He was the head of the criminal association. Juan purposely protected El Mencho, which banished the strong seat.

Presently, clients are making it Viral On Twitter. This video might be the justification for Juan’s homicide.

More Information Obituary

There is no data in regards to the tribute of Juan Luis Lagunas. Be that as it may, his demise was unforeseen and was grieved by his adherents on person to person communication destinations.  

Juan Luis Lagunas Family

Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales is known to his adherents for his personality El Pirata de Culiacan. He was only 17 years of age and acquired fame with his video of celebrating and his warped way of life. He had referenced nothing in regards to his folks.

Notwithstanding, he once said his folks deserted him and his two siblings. Today, he is again in the web crawler of Reddit after such countless long stretches of his demise.

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Juan Luis Lagunas, a popular vlogger, kicked the bucket with 15 shots of the slug on eighteenth December 2017.

What are your perspectives about his homicide? Remark down.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why was Juan Luis Lagunas famous?

He was a fugitive substance vlogger

  1. What is his parent’s name?

 It isn’t uncovered

  1. Was the guilty party of his homicide got?

 No, under process

  1. What was Juan’s age?

 17 year old

  1. What is the thought cause?

 Viral video of challenge against the criminal chief, El Mencho

  1. What is the spot of homicide?

 Menta-2 Cantaros bar

  1. Is the video of TikTok accessible?


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