Jon Gruden Mask 2020

Jon Gruden Mask {Sept 2020} Check out the Complete Information!>> Please read below if you want to know about the consequences of the coaches of Las Vegas Raiders and New Orleans Saints for violating safety protocols.

With the world taking a hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the death tolls breaking new records every day, Jon Gruden of the United States seems to have forgotten the virus’s affliction is causing millions worldwide.

Jon Gruden mask wasn’t put on properly, which was in violation of the safety norms placed by the NFL.

About the Incident:

This incident happened on September 21st, 2020, a Monday evening during the Las Vegas Raiders game where Jon Gruden mask wearing approach violated the rules set amid the COVID-19 pandemic and was heavily criticized. 

With the United States undergoing an exponential increase in the number of cases, such behavior comes as an act of ignorance and shows a disdainful attitude towards the pandemic.

Such lack of concern was also shown by Sean Payton of the New Orleans Saints, who was seen sporting his gaiter like a turtle-neck. These safety protocols have been placed by the NFL to prevent further contraction of the players and the supporting staff. 

Still, such behavior can be seen as a sheer disregard for the rules and the suffering of the people worldwide.

NFL’s Response

 Jon Gruden, one of the finest coaches in the United States, who can create offensive plays that can destroy the opponents regardless of the team, Gruden simply can’t comprehend that the mask’s purpose is to cover the nose and the mouth and not his chin.

Gruden says he’s sensitive about contracting the virus, with which he had been infected once before, but that won’t stop him from calling out plays. The Jon Gruden mask incidence has cost the team $250,000 in a fine from the NFL, and the coach has been fined $100,000.

NFL’s Reason

Jon Gruden, who is known for his brilliant offensive intellect, will want to call out plays, scream, and a curse. Doing all of this with a mask can make anyone uncomfortable, hot, and messy.

But these arguments do not seem to hold up from a person who has been infected with the virus, and we still don’t have much information about the chances of re-infection.

The more significant concern for the NFL is what message these coaches will be sending to their players, players who follow their footsteps. 

NFL had painstakingly organized this season amidst growing concerns about the pandemic, and they pulled of week one without any positive COVID-19 cases.

Payton and Joe Gruden, who are on televisions in front of a million viewers on the matchday, have a civic responsibility to put their masks on and sending a positive message to the audiences of wearing masks and beating this deadly virus.

Final Remarks:

Whether you have been previously infected or not, whether you are the coach of an NFL team or not, there is no excuse for not wearing a mask, that’s what the Jon Gruden mask debacle teaches us.


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