Isharefans Scam 2020
Isharefans Scam (Nov 2020) Earn Money through Social Media. >> This article mentions a website that claims the earning for the users through social media platforms.

Haven’t the social media sites these days become a source of income for many people in the world. The way social media sites have become so famous shows that it is just going to be impossible to stop them and make it inaccessible. This Isharefans Scam will explain how the process takes place and how the users follow to earn their daily pocket expenditure. This scheme is operated from Malaysia

Those who are interested can go and get involved in this scheme with the risk of their own. There is a website where people create their account and complete the tasks to earn their income. People do indeed earn lots of money from social media sites, but many times, it can be a scam source as well, and people may lose their hard-earned money. So we will also know the authenticity of the site. Let’s go ahead with the article and know more about it. 

What is Isharefans Scam

According to the official website of Isharefans, some tasks are available on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and tiktok. The tasks are related to subscribing, sharing, and liking, which come under sales. Isharefans Scam found that there can be a maximum of three tasks daily for the basic account, and for each particular task, there will be an earning of one RM. The website gives a free basic account to the users of the site.

Additional Information about the website

As far as one particular website is concerned, through Isharefans Scam, we found that this website mentions the official website of Isharefans is not very old, and it was started just in August 2020. 

The site mentions all those users who earn an amount every day according to their tasks. The website says that if you want to complete a task, click on the task button, and there will be a link which the user has to follow and post on the social media platforms.

Process of Isharefans

For the basic account, it is free and gets up to three tasks daily. But for those who want a VIP account, it is essential to buy the VIP account, which means the buyers will get more tasks and, consequently, more returns. Isharefans Scam found that the process will be the same for the VIP account as well. 

They have to follow the link and share it on social media platforms. Referring the link to friends and other people also helps the users to earn more amount. 


As far as the website’s operations’ authenticity is concerned, those users who invest their money for the VIP account must thoroughly research. And they should buy the account only on their risks. Many scams happen related to social media sites; that’s why it is best to pay heed to thorough research. Nobody should directly join the website without proper search, and this is the piece of advice that we can give.

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  1. isharefans SCAM! obviously who is on earth to put their for RM1 per like & share!?
    100K like & shares for RM100K!? doesn’t make any sense to me.
    the highest pain is RM3.8 per per like & share…. WHAT!!!? then 10k like & share for RM38K!??

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