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Isaiah Hartenstein is a basketball player and he plays for the New York Knicks of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He is a German-American player popular Worldwide.

Isaiah Hartenstein Parents And Wife

Fans of Isaiah are interested in knowing about his parents and wife. His father, Florian Hartenstein, is a German-American basketball coach, and his mother is American.

His father was also a former basketball player. His parents met each other when his father played for the University of Oregon. Hartenstein and his family shifted to Germany in 2008.

Isaiha has been married to Kourtney Kellar since July 29, 2023. They tied the knot in California. They first met in 2019 when the NBA star sent DM to the model by complimenting her smile.

After messaging on the app, they met in person and started dating each other. After three years, in April 2022, the couple got engaged to each other. After the engagement, the couple moved to Westchester, New York.

Kellar has always supported Hartenstein, and they have maintained a loving relationship with each other. Kellar even made various NBA-related TikTok videos.

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Sister of Isaiah Hartenstein

Apart from inquiring about Isaiah’s parents and wife, people are also interested in knowing about his sister. But there isn’t little information about his sister.

Sister of Isaiah Hartenstein
Sister of Isaiah Hartenstein

His wife, a 31-year-old model, Kourtney Kellar, has been in discussion widely. Kellar stated that she receives a lot of comments from the people. But she was fascinated by Isaiah’s remarks.

Although many other people used to comment about her body, Isaiah appreciated her smile, which attracted her to him.

Both Isaiah and Kellar have been sharing a good relationship. Both of them support each other in their professional and personal lives.

Kellar is a native of Texas and the youngest of three siblings. She was living in Dallas, and Hartenstein was only four hours away in Houston.

Kellar met Hartenstein at a restaurant, and she was very excited to begin the relationship with him. They were both happy to meet each other.

Instagram Account of Isaiah and Kellar

Isaiah has more than 88K followers, and people comment on his posts. Most of his posts are related to his game. People appreciate him whenever he plays commendable.

Hartenstein confirmed his ethnicity on a podcast, and he revealed the skin of his father, saying black. He also made a joke by saying that he had a light skin tone.

People also visit Kellar’s Instagram account. Kourtney Kellar has more than 700k followers. She is pregnant, and she uploaded a photo of her pregnancy, revealing her stomach in the picture.

People are interested to know more about her pregnancy. Kellar and Hartenstein also uploaded a 

baby suit with a No. 55 printed on it. There is also the surname above the number.

Girlfriend of Hartenstein

There are no details about Hartenstein’s girlfriends other than Kourtney Kellar. Both of them have been sharing a good relationship since their marriage in 2023.

Girlfriend of Hartenstein
Girlfriend of Hartenstein

Kellar and Hartenstein are also about to welcome their first baby, and their pregnancy is being discussed among their fans. They have recently confirmed their pregnancy.

They posted a video on TikTok by announcing the good news of welcoming a baby. The couple is excited to welcome their first baby. They are going to be new moms and dads this year. The couple also uploaded the ultrasound of the baby along with the baby’s suit.

About Dad of Isaiah

Isaiah also shared a close bond with his father as his father provided basketball training. Now, his father has turned into a coach from a player. Isaiah and Kellar are excited to welcome their baby this year.

Isaiah and Kellar have also shared the good news with their fans.

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