Is Zedkurti com Scam 2020

Is Zedkurti com Scam (Oct 2020) Is Is Scam?>> In this article, you will come across a website that sells sari and kurti worldwide.

Earth is the only place where life exists. You will find the atmosphere, water, fire, and sky. On earth, there are seven continents where life exists. Every continent has several countries in them, and all of them live a different lifestyle.

India is one such country that is known for its culture, tradition, festivals, and colors. That time is gone when Indians use to go to other countries and felt inferior. The new India is the one who fights back for what is right. India is known for its beautiful ancient tradition of wearing sari and kurta.

Every country has its tradition, and wearing traditional clothes is the pride of that country’s citizens. If you live in India, then there is no issue as you can find Indian clothing everywhere, but if you live abroad and if you are missing India, then Zedkurti com Reviews have brought a solution for you.

Also, we are aware that you might not want to trust a website that is not legally authentic. Thus, do not worry. We will tell you Is Zedkurti com Scam or not. We will provide you with all the reasons so that you can trust this website.

So keep reading this article if you want to feel not India but Bharat in you. You will come across many interesting facts in this article.

Is Zedkurti com Legit?

Zedkurti is one of the online stores that sell fashion material and clothing. The trend of scams and fake website was widespread in the United States, but now it has also come to India. So, it would be best if you were very cautious before buying anything.

Zedkurti com Reviews will help you to know if you should buy from this website or not. The domain of this website is 1.5 months old, which is a negative sign. Also, the prices are cheap, and there is only a digital payment option available. 

There are many questions about Is Zedkurti com Scam, and the answer is probably yes it is a scam. As the website doesn’t have its mail server and there is no social media presence of Zedkurti. Thus, do not trust this website.

What is Zedkurti com?

Zedkurti is an Indian website that sells traditional and authentic clothes that will expose the real Indian in you. If you live abroad, this site is perfect and impeccable for your purchase, and if you live in India and don’t want to go to local shops in this pandemic, then this website is perfect for all Indians to shop. The site gives free worldwide shipping.

If you love India and its tradition, go and shop from this website and you can flaunt your clothes in your circle and get comments from everyone.

The different categories of clothes that you will find on this website are:

  • Sari: Banarasi sari, Mandola sari, Polka dot sari, Chiffon sari, Georgette sari, mulmul sari, fancy sari, designer sari, silk sari, party wear sari and, designer sari.
  • Kurti: Fancy kurti, designer kurti, plain kurti and, printed kurti.
  • Pants: Cotton pants and narrow bottom pants.

Specifications of Zedkurti com:

  • Website type: Fashion store
  • Website link:
  • Shipping: Within 1-2 business days
  • Delivery: Within 5-10 business days
  • Cancellation: It is possible before shipping takes place.
  • Returns & Refunds: There are easy returns and refunds available.
  • E-mail id: [email protected]
  • Company address: There is no information available.
  • Company contact: There is no information available.
  • Mode of payment: All digital payments accepted.

Positives of Zedkurti com:

  • You get to wear traditional clothes for living abroad.
  • There is free shipping worldwide.
  • Many new prints and designs are available.
  • There is an easy return and refund policy.
  • There is a 24/7 customer service available.
  • The website runs 100% buyer’s protection program.

Negatives of Zedkurti com:

  • There is very little variety in the store.
  • The essential contact details are not available.
  • There is no COD option available, which is a must in India.

What do customers want to say about Zedkurti?

Zedkurti com Reviews researched to know if there are any real customers of the website or not and what do they think of the website. The outcome was that there are no buyers of the website. There are no reviews, and the site is a scam to attract buyers with low prices and then trap them and steal their bank details. Thus do not trust this website. 

Final Verdict:

After all the facts, the answer to the question Is Zedkurti com Scam is yes, it is a scam. The events that the domain is too young and the essential contact details of Zedkurti are missing are wrong signals. Also, there is no presence of Zedkurti on social media, and no customer reviews are there. So, do not buy anything from this website. 

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  1. This is a scam . I made the payment through razorpay and after that no communication has been received from them.

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