Is Timepasts Legit {Nov} Reviews For Right Decision -> Take a look at this review to find out if the website selling ornaments and decorative items for Halloween is safe and trustworthy.

Do you like buying decorative items online? If that is the case, then let us explore Timepasts.com. 

In today’s review, we examine the site and answer the pressing question is Timepasts legit. Many online shopping fans are keen to find out if the site is dubious or trustworthy. 

Many ecommerce portals sell funky decorative items and ornaments at reasonable prices. While there is no shortage of sites selling such products, consumers are always looking for new places that offer better deals such as free shipping, discounts, etc. 

Across the United States, many people shop for decorative items during the holiday season. Today we thought of sharing the details of this e-store along with the info regarding the type of Timepasts Com reviews people are leaving online. 

Continue reading this review to determine if it is safe to buy any ornament or other products from this site. 

Is Timepasts.com legit or scam? 

To be able to comment on the site’s legitimacy, we searched online. In our search, we found that the site is SSL certified. It displays a lot of content about the company. The contact details, including the address of the company, are listed on the site. 

The product description on the respective pages appears to be relevant. However, during our search, we came across a few red flags that do not paint a positive picture for the e-store. We found that the domain of the site is 1 month and 22 days old. 

Additionally, there is a lack of Timepasts Com reviews online. Furthermore, the site is not active on social media sites. It has a page on Facebook, but there are hardly a couple of posts and followers. 

Based on the aforementioned points, we’re unable to comment on the site’s trustworthiness for now. 

What is Timepasts.com? 

The ecommerce store belongs to the company Vankin Company Limited that is located in England. The site has a catalog featuring ornaments for men and women and a variety of decorative items that you can use for Halloween and other such occasions. 

The site shares a plethora of detail about its shipping policy. The info about the returns and refund policy is listed on the respective webpage. 

If you’re eager to learn more about this webshop, then continue reading further as we share more details. 

Specifications of Timepasts.com: 

  • Type of website – an online store selling a wide variety of items 
  • Payment options – Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, American Express 
  • Delivery time – 15 to 20 days
  • Shipping cost – free shipping or order value of $39
  • Company email address – [email protected] 
  • Company address – 4/4a, Bloomsbury Square, London, Greater London, England, WC1A 2RP
  • Company contact number – 442032899821 
  • Return – within 3 days from the date of delivery 
  • Refund – available 
  • Order Cancellation – cancel within 12 hours of placing the order

Pros of using Timepasts.com:

  • The webshop offers ornaments and decorative items.
  • The site lets buyers return items
  • The site offers products at competitive prices.

Cons of using Timepasts.com:

  • There are no Timepasts Com reviews available on the internet. 
  • The ecommerce site does not have an active presence on social media portals. 
  • The e-store is registered just 1 month and 22 days ago. 

What are people saying about Timepasts.com?

Currently, the site does not share any buyer reviews. So, we checked other websites and social media portals to get an idea about the quality of reviews people are leaving about the site. 

The site is yet to receive a customer review. Therefore, it is difficult for us to form any kind of opinion about the site. 


The site is new. The domain was listed 1 month and 22 days ago. It is SSL certified, thereby ensuring the protection of user data. As of now, the site is not properly listed on social media portals. 

The site shares a lot of info about the company and its services. However, there is no review of the site that would give us any clear indication about its trustworthiness. 

Due to the newness of the webshop and the absence of buyer reviews, we’re not able to comment on its genuineness. 

is Timepasts legit? At this moment, we’re not able to say for sure. We suggest the readers to wait for a few more days. In case you’ve used this ecommerce site for shopping, please leave a comment below.

0 thoughts on “Is Timepasts Legit {Nov} Reviews For Right Decision”
  1. The photos for the masked Santa ornament show an old-fashioned glass ornament. When I received my order today, it contained flat, wooden (similar to tongue depressors) ornaments with a piece of jute to use as a hanger. Disappointing and completely false advertising.

    1. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!I bought the cute Santa with a mask, 2 of them actually. What a ripoff!!! Made in China from very cheap Flat PVC, rubbery and foldable. NOT AT ALL LIKE THE PICTURE IN THE AD!!! It’s actually kind of funny to get burned by a 2020 Christmas ornament that you bought to remind you what a crappy year 2020 has been. I decided not to return these (not worth the hassle), but I will leave a bad review online wherever I can!

  2. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. I Ordered 3 of their 2020 Masked Santa ornaments. They were shown as solid resin hand painted ornaments in their listing. What I got, after two weeks, were three little flat pieces of poorly printed plastic what a photo of the ornament. These things wouldn’t make good gift tags. And they cost me $40.86 USD total. They claim to have a full refund policy “no questions asked.” So far I have emailed them three times and have received NOTHING back. Not even a reply email. I wish I could post a photo here of what I received. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! Just Don’t.

  3. The company is from China. They sent me the wrong item..and on top of the that the item sent was not the real item. Item was cheaply duplicated. I am disputing the charges. It is a hassle but these
    Types of companies are fraud and must be stopped. Hopefully If there’s enough consumer to dispute the charges then PayPal will refuse to continue doing business with them.

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