Is Text Rbg To 50409 Scam 2020
Is Text Rbg To 50409 Scam (Sep 2020) Some Facts. >>In this article, you will read about a new people’s movement on a popular messaging service. 

Following Justice Ginsberg’s death, have you also received the Resistbot message to support the movement to not appoint a new Justice until after the inauguration? Well, if you have, then we request you to read this article to the end.

We are here to answer your query on Is Text Rbg 50409 Scam or a genuine movement by the people.

What is Text Rbg 50409?

Rbg 50409 is a messaging service developed by Eric Ryes and John Puterty to enable voters in the United States to connect to their elected representatives in Office. The service is free and primarily controlled by a group of volunteers and is very popular. 

Although recently there has been an apprehension, and people ask Is Text Rbg 50409 Scam, the fears can be allayed very quickly.

Is Text Rbg 50409 a Scam?

It can be directly said that the answer to Is Text Rbg 50409 Scam is a Big No. Resistbot has been around in the US since 2017. It has a user base of more than a million. There are over 12000 volunteers registered for delivering Resistbot messages.

In light of Ginsberg’s death, the current texts that are reaching people requesting them to support the movement to push back appointing a new Justice is an entire people’s movement. It is the word of the people of the United States reaching out to garner support. So asking Is Text Rbg 50409 Scam would be a highly inappropriate question.

Resistbot has had such a movement before. When the United States Postal Service was being shut down, the message “Text USPS to 50409” went around via Resistbot. The campaign was successful. 

A similar campaign is going about now purely by the people. Thus it can be said Is Text Rbg 50409 Scam is a wrong notion being spread to hurt the movement.

What are people saying?

Supporters of this movement to delay appointing a new Justice to feel this question Is Text Rbg 50409 Scam has been deliberately floated to weaken their movement. But they are also hopeful that voters of the United States are wise enough to see through the facade.

Resistbot movements have always received massive support and media attention. Even now, the movement regarding filling Justice Ginsberg’s seat is being monitored closely. Already Text Rbg 50409 is gaining a footing, and more and more people are joining it. The apprehension regarding the question Is Text Rbg 50409 Scam seems to be slowly losing ground.


Resistbot is celebrated in the United States among people and the media, both print and electronic, as a game-changer. It has always brought in more and more people under its wing and created mass movements in a short time.

Thus, the question Is Text Rbg 50409 Scam is a no. It is another people’s movement looking for support.

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