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Is Swanation Legit {Sep 2020} Read This Before You Buy >> Looking for some stuff at amazing discount and willing to shop that also online, read our reviews.

If I were to give you a choice between the two, what would you prefer? Staying at home and shopping online or physically going out and shopping, thus exposing you to the virus. Now, there will be some Karens who will go out and not wear a mask, but that’s out of our control.

Any sane person will prefer online shopping as opposed to going out. Particularly in the United Kingdom, people prefer staying in the safety of their homes and shopping for products.

We present to you, Swanation Reviewswhich will help you better understand the niche situations that one can encounter while shopping online. We will do you a solid and determine the legitimacy of this website so that you can know what to trust and what not to. This is a very important skill to have, what with the sudden increase in scammers and scam websites.

Keep reading if you want to know whether this is worth buying from or not.

Further with the elaboration, we will also check on “Is Swanation Legit” or not?

Is Swanation legit or spam? 

Is Swanation Legit? We researched thoroughly for the sake of this answer only. With the registration of this website almost one year before and having a secure SSL certification, which keeps the user’s information secure, this site has managed with these two. Having a presence from a year, web store must possess some customer reviews in the trust of that web site for the readers, but here the case if not that.

With our Swanation Reviewswe would mention here that there is no information shared for the contact number of website and owner of the website. The web store has not been able to make its social existence and any social pages.

What is Swanation? 

So, you might be wondering what I’m rambling about. Well, it’s Swanation. It’s an online store. It has probably originated in the United Kingdom. It has different sections and sells products that come under the section headings. Seems pretty neat, right?

You can buy pretty much anything ranging from electronics to clothing. But we still haven’t determined its legitimacy, so hold onto your hats peeps for Swanation Reviews!

Specifications of Swanation:

  • It is an online store.
  • The webpage link is you want to return something, e-mail your request at
  • Store: Suite 2A, Wensley House, 9 Purdeys Way, ROCHFORD, Essex, SS4 1ND
  • It takes 15-20 business days to deliver the product. 
  • Shipping time: 30 days, give or take a few.
  • The person that you can contact in case of any errors or queries: none
  • Ships globally and you get free shipping if you shop for 100$ or above.
  • Time is taken for a refund: 3-5 business days.
  • You can pay with PayPal, or with a MasterCard, VISA or AMEX credit card.

Positive of Swanation:

  • Pretty good for families since it has a plethora of items to choose from.
  • You can also replace or return what you ordered within a time frame.
  • Since it uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), it is pretty secure.
  • It has a business email account.

Negatives of Swanation: 

  • It gives surprising discounts, even in off-seasons.
  • The owner’s identity is not revealed in any way, shape or form.
  • There is no contact number on the website.
  • It doesn’t have any social media accounts.
  • There are no comments or Swanation Reviews on the website.
  • The content on the website is not of high quality. 

Customers views on the Swanation:

Many websites are categorized as scams because of many red flags, which we were able to found for Swanation and hence can say Is Swanation Legit” or not?

The products are levied with unreasonable discounts, no social media activity, means they have not tried to promote the web store.

So, in our opinion, the website lacks major points to collect to gain trust.

Final Verdict:

Gaining trust is not easy. We are about to conclude Swanation Reviews with the facts that we do not advise our readers to get into any trap and hence stay away from this web store.

The website doesn’t seem to be legit and falls under possible scams, so just to be cautious, the products are of not worth quality even. So stay away and be safe from such scams and we say a ‘no’ to Is Swanation Legit

If you have any experience with the website, kindly share with us, else kindly mention your comments here.


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  1. Hi. I’ve bought some embroidery needles from this website. They arrived with no invoice, no instructions on how to use them, no idea how to fit various parts together as nothing fits. I’ve contacted them twice by email for a refund and had no joy. There is no other way to get in touch so I reckon I’ll have to say goodbye to my £20+. Won’t touch this website again with a barge pole! Very angry that websites like these are allowed to exist and fleece customers.
    Margaret King

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