Is Susan Wardrobe Dolls Legit (Sep 2020) Know the Website.

Is Susan Wardrobe Dolls Legit (Oct 2020) Know the Website.>> The article, as mentioned earlier, is for a US-based site named Susan Wardrobe that sells dolls.

Dolls are one such toy that everyone has a lot of fond childhood memories attached to. We are sure that you will be swept by nostalgia whenever you have the sight of dolls and would like to remember a lot of sweet memories from the ancient times. 

Today, we will talk about a United States-based website that sells an adorable collection of dolls. So, read on for Susan Wardrobe Dolls Reviews. Through this article, you will know whether the dolls are worth buying. We will also analyze the website, and you will be able to decide the answer to the question, ‘Is Susan Wardrobe Dolls Legit?’

Is Susan Wardrobe Legit?

While doing our research for Susan Wardrobe Dolls Reviews, we found a lot of information that can be seen as potential warnings for a scam site. We found that the website is less than six months old. Any website that is less than six months old has more chances of conducting spams than the sites that are old and reputed. 

The site is available on social media, but when we tried opening the link, we couldn’t find anything; the site has an http connection, but then it is not a guarantee. The site has no credible user reviews. The site uses an email of another domain name. All of this makes us wonder whether the site is a potential scam. Is Susan Wardrobe Dolls Legit?

What are Susan Wardrobe dolls?

Susan Wardrobe is a website that is operational in the United States. Once we opened the site, we got to know that the site sells clothing items, accessories, shoes, etc., other than dolls. We scrolled over the about us section of the website and found no mention of dolls there.

Only shoes and clothes were mentioned. Still, we decided to go over to the dolls. We opened one of the products in the category of dolls. It was pleasant to find a well-detailed product description of the dolls. We got to know that the dolls are handcrafted, and there is a beautiful variety to choose from. We found that the user has mentioned the dolls to be made up of natural materials. The dolls have their hair made of animal fibers/ mohair yarn etc.

There are different hair patterns available on the dolls while some of them have straight, silky hair, some of them proudly flaunt their curls. We found the price of the dolls reasonable. There were also various clothing and accessory items for the dolls. We saw one of them wearing a GoT inspired jersey. Though we were fascinated by the dolls, we found that these are not suitable for infants and toddlers and can be used as collectibles for children over seven years of age.

After exploring the dolls section, we decided to go and find information about the website and know whether this website is legit. So, you must continue reading to know the answer to the question, Is Susan Wardrobe Dolls Legit ?


  • Website’s URL:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Products – Dolls and clothing pieces
  • Contact person: Not mentioned.
  • Return: Within 30 days
  • Contact number of the website: 8772534927
  • Payment: PayPal
  • Address: Not available
  • Delivery: up to 14 business days
  • Shipping: 48 hours

Pros of Susan Wardrobe Dolls:

  • The collection is beautiful.
  • The price is justified.

Cons of Susan Wardrobe Dolls:

  • The website is less than six months old.
  • The owner’s information is missing.
  • The website doesn’t use a legit email domain.

Customer Reviews:

A site can be termed as legitimate if authentic customer reviews are backing it up. However, we couldn’t find anything in the case of this site. There has not been a single review where a customer has given credibility to this website.

Final Conclusion

Is Susan Wardrobe Dolls Legit? We don’t think so. Based on our investigations in this whole research process, we couldn’t find anything substantial that will help us ascertain the legitimacy of the website, so we think that the website is a potential scam. We will not ask our readers to place an order from the website; doing so might result in the user losing out on money and personal information.

If you have ever placed an order from this site before, you can scribble it down in the comments section below.

0 thoughts on “Is Susan Wardrobe Dolls Legit (Oct 2020) Know the Website.”
  1. I placed an order for the dolls as it says they were made in the USA. They took my payment through PayPal in which I am supposed to be able to get my money back. I am currently waiting. I went to the “view your order” site but it comes back OOPS What Happened! This shop is unavailable. I think I just lost out on $50.00.

  2. They got me!!! I spent $99 no products. Nothing. Called emailed daily. Nothing. Sick at my stomach. Mad as hell. These were meant for my granddaughters for Christmas.
    Oh well. This is how we learn 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  3. I have placed an order. I have heard nothing. The number listed says unable to connect on recording: what do I do now?

  4. My order came in today…..beware it is nothing like I was suppose to get. I ordered two dolls with clothes and got two cheaply made dolls that look like something you would get from the fair five and dime game…..don’t be taken like me. I am trying to get a refund from PayPal……

  5. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! I ordered a blond doll with clothing. I received (after a month) a poorly made brunette doll, no clothing included. It is so sad to deceive people. This is why people in the US are not buying products from China. I wouldn’t even give this doll to any child. It’s depressing looking. Mine will go out with the garbage today. Lesson learned. Only reputable stores in the US from now on.

  6. I too was scammed by this company which I discovered because I placed multiple orders, has many different names on their receipts. The “doll” you receive is nothing like the description on the website. Nylon, ugly, cheap mass produced knock offs. As one lady said .. “fit only for the garbage”

  7. Ordered a doll five months ago to get in time for Xmas. I finally connected with the company. Their response was the pack was damaged and was returned to them. I said if you got the doll back sent me another one. Last week I actually got a doll in the mail. It was anything like I ordered. A cheap bright red fairythat you might get in an archade game. Now they can say they deleivered a doll. This is a scam. Facebooks needs to post on the initial screen where the product is shipping from, USA, China, etc.

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