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If you are interested in knowing the genuine answers of Is Sockies Masks Legit to serve the buyers, the article can be a perfect guide to you in this regard.

Do you need a new collection of masks? After all, masks have become a daily essential for us now. Whether in Australia or New Zealand, everywhere in this world, masks are the most important component of our self-precaution against the current pandemic. Like everything else nowadays, masks are also available online.

Today we will inform you about such a destination that offers different styles of masks, and you will also find the answers of Is Sockies Masks Legit for you to visit or not.

What Is the Legitimacy of the Website?

  • Owner’s Details: The identity of the owner is not known
  • Registration Date: The website was registered on 24-05-2018 
  • Domain Age: The age of the domain is 4 years
  • Transaction Details: There are several modes available for payments
  • Rank in Alexa: The website holds 2,128,000th rank in Alexa
  • Website’s Trust Score: The website has a good trust score of 86%
  • Amount of Duplicity: Duplicate contents are found in large amounts on the site
  • How to Contact: There is no phone number available. So, email is the only way to contact
  • Customers’ Sockies Masks Reviews: No review is seen on the internet 
  • Address Details: The address is found on the Google Maps
  • Clarity of Policies: Details Re clearly stated
  • Existence on Social Media: The website owns official pages on Instagram and Facebook

The concerned e-commerce portal holds both positive and negative aspects. Hence more research is required to understand the legitimacy of this site.

Overview of Sockies

The Sockies is an interesting online store. It sells three types of products – Face masks, Hooded Blankets and Socks. However, the site specializes in socks. There are many colourful socks in their collection with trendy and funky designs. As per the details of Is Sockies Masks Legit, the site also offers separate mask filters. 

The prices of the website are more or less reasonable, and it offers worldwide delivery with a cheap shipping rate. Read the full article to know more about this innovative website.

Specifications of the Website

  • Website Link: 
  • Registered Address: PO Box 379 Oatlands, New South Wales 2117, Australia
  • Writing Address: [email protected] 
  • Contact Number: The site does not provide any phone number for contact
  • Office Hours: no information is found regarding this
  • Shipping Modes: Separate deliveries may be provided for a single order with multiple items
  • Reviews: We could not see any Sockies Masks Reviews
  • Shipping Costs: Varies as per destination address
  • Shipping Time: Maximum 4 weeks
  • Area Served: The website provides service all over the world
  • Free Shipping: Available for orders worth more than $99
  • Return Policy: Change of mind and perceived colour variation will not be accepted as the return reason
  • Return Period: 14 days from the date of delivery
  • Return Shipping: The customers have to pay for their return shipping
  • Refund Details: Only the price of the product is refundable
  • Exchange Conditions: Same as refund policy
  • Order Cancellation: Cancellation or modification of the order is not allowed
  • Modes of Payment: Various
  • Social Activity: Active on Instagram and Facebook

Is Sockies Masks Legit for the Advantages?

  • 14 days return policy is available
  • Prices are reasonable
  • Various modes of payments are available
  • Worldwide delivery is available
  • A free shipping option is offered
  • The brand is a popular one

What about the Disadvantages?

  • No review is found
  • Not all products are eligible for return
  • No phone number is given
  • Cancellation or modification of the order is not possible
  • 100% refund is not possible

Customers’ Reaction

The website has made a good reputation among its buyers, which is evident from its popularity on social media. But, surprisingly, there is not even a single review to answer Is Sockies Masks Legit? The review section of the Facebook page is disabled. Here you can learn more about the Sockies.

Even the official website of the brand doesn’t provide any opportunity for the customers to express their thoughts. Hence, it would be helpful for you if you gathered knowledge regarding Everything You Should Know About PayPal Scam.

Concluding Words

Despite the lack of reviews, the website’s popularity is quite evident. And its good trust score indicates that it is probably not a scam. Yet it would help if you learned how to Get money refund on credit card. If you have any opinion regarding Is Sockies Masks Legit or not, kindly let us know in the comment section below.

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