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Is So Clean Com Legit (Oct 2020) Scanty Reviews Below. >>  In the following article, you’ll get all the details you need about a website which deals with disinfectors.‘Disinfectors’ have become our great necessity because of this covid-19 pandemic. The sales of disinfectors have increased in the last few months, and many companies have started dealing with sanitizers and disinfectors. 

One such brand is so clean com. In this article, you’ll read about So clean com Reviews and also know about Is So Clean com Legit?

So clean com is a website which deals with disinfectors devices, and one such device is So Clean com Device, which can clean our daily use devices such as keys, mobile phones, water bottles, etc. in a couple of minutes. It also protects us from many diseases causing viruses and bacteria.

This website is of the United StatesBut before buying such products, you should we aware of the legitimacy of the website Is So Clean com Legit? Nowadays, many companies are selling these products that are not made up of good quality and can harm our health. 

So to get all the details about this website, read this article.

Is Clean Com Legit?

Before buying products from a website, its customers have a question about the safety of the website, Is So Clean com Legit?

When we visited this website, we found that this website is well organized. The website authorities give all the details about their website, which helps its customers recognize the website. 

The website has given all the customer care details of the website to contact the customer care team of the same. The address of the company in the United States is also mentioned on its webpage. 

All the terms and conditions and policies of the site are given, which signify that it is a legit website and can be trusted.

But with some positive aspects, some negative aspects are also there of this website that this website has not uploaded customer reviews on its official webpage, which is quite strange. Because without any customer its hard for a customer to trust a website.

But some of the customers who purchased products from this website stated that they are satisfied with this website’s experience. So there are chances of being this website legit.

What is So Clean com?

So clean com is a website which deals with disinfectors devices. The sales of these products have increased rapidly in this pandemic. So Clean com Device is a device that disinfects many daily use products like phones, keys, etc., and also kills many diseases causing viruses and bacteria. You will also get a $50 discount on the purchase of this device. 

The company provides a 30-day free return of So Clean com Device and a two-year warranty. It also claims that this device kills 99.9% of germs from the product for a longer period.

Read the specifications of the same below to get more clarity on Is So Clean com Legit?

Specifications of So Clean com:

  • Website type: e-commerce website.
  • Deals with: Disinfectant Devices.
  • Contact details: (866) 501 3705.
  • Email address: [email protected].
  • Shipping time: 2-3 days of placing the order.
  • Delivery cost: Free delivery.
  • Delivery time: 5-7 days.
  • Payment gateways: Pay pal, Visa, Master Card.

Pros of So Clean com:

  • The site is well organized.
  • Offers a $50 discount on So Clean com Device. 
  • The site has a good social media presence.

Cons of So Clean com:

  • No customer reviews were found.
  • The site only deals with three products.
  • No company address is given.

Customer reviews of So Clean com:

One of the disadvantages of this website is that this website has not uploaded customer reviews. But the website has its ratings, which is 4.7 stars, which is good. 

On the browser, also we found some reviews were in favor of this website. Customers were satisfied with the site’s experience, which creates a good image of the same in front of its customers.

Also, the site has good social media presence and good range followers on its pages. The social media pages of this website are all legal and well maintained. 

Final verdict:

After reading this information about this website, you can decide that if you want to purchase products from this site or not. The website is legit and can be trusted.

The site has given a tagline on its footer menu that ‘We never spam’.

We hope that you might have found Is So Clean com Legit helpful.

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