Is Shake It Pup Legit

Is Shake It Pup Legit (August) Scanty Reviews Below. >> The article outlines the authenticity of a dog-food seasoning product for the pickiest dogs out there.

As humans, we love to eat a variety of food. Not only does food provide us with vital nutrients to survive, but it also functions as an inherent part of our cultures and practices. However, one thing is sure. Nobody likes to eat the same kind of food every sing day. 

So, we look for alternatives in the form of spices and seasonings that would lend the food a different flavor to appeal to our senses.

Similarly, all the dog owners know how much their dog enjoys a flavourful food. Still, many feed their dogs with the same bland diet every day without paying attention to its flavor or taste. 

Fortunately, with shakeitpup seasonings, this doesn’t have to happen again. 

Read the full Shake It Pup Reviews to know if this brand of dog food seasonings launched in the United States can transform your dog’s meals. You will also find out Is Shake It Pup Legit or something you’d instead not invest your money and time.

Is Shake It Pup Legit?

To know Is Shake It Pup Legit or not, we closely examined the site for this dog food seasonings from various angles. Their dog food delivery business began in 2016. The dog meal seasonings are a recent addition. Hence, we cannot deem shakeitpup as legit. 

The dog food seasonings that they have come out with have gained popularity among vast sections of dog owners in the United States. It has received mixed feedback from a majority of purchasers. When added to the dog meals, many say that the product instantly livens its flavor and texture. However, others are of the view that some variants of the product smell like burnt flour.

It seems that most of the dogs like their food with shake it pup seasoning, but some remain picky eaters even after being served spiced-up meals. The brand has gained a considerable audience base on social media like Instagram and Facebook. After some time, we think that the seasonings will begin to appeal to most of the pet dogs and pups as it will be tweaked to suit the queries of people.

What is Shake It Pup? is an online store that offers dog food seasonings that can be sprinkled onto the meals of the dogs. The condiments come in three flavors. They are to be shaken and added into the meals of the dogs. The seasonings claim to make the dog meals more flavourful and nutritious.

Read the article about Is Shake It Pup Legit to explore more.

Specifications of Shake It Pup:

  • Website type: An online store that provides seasonings for dog food meals.
  • Email:
  • Processing time: Not mentioned
  • Delivery time: Not mentioned
  • Exchange: Applicable
  • Refund: Applicable within 30 days
  • Cancellation: Not mentioned 
  • Payment options: Apple Pay, JCB, Amex, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Visa
  • Address: Sunset Beach, PO Box 1694, California US 90742

Pros of purchasing Shake It Pup dog food seasoning

  • The seasonings on the website are available in a variety of flavors.
  • The seasonings are free of any GMOs, preservatives, and chemicals.
  • Various discounts and deals are available.
  • The seasonings offered by the site are made from organic ingredients in the United States.

Cons of purchasing Shake It Pup dog food seasoning

  • Those who have tried it have given mixed feedback on the website.
  • The website is operated only in the United States.
  • People have complained about the product having a foul odour.

What are people saying about Shake It Pup dog food seasoning?

Shake It Pup Reviews have shown us that it is not something with a universal appeal. Although the product has received a five-star rating, it has also been a subject of complaints and dissatisfaction. 

Overall, people have liked and disliked the product at an equal ratio. 

Final verdict

In conclusion, our answer to the question Is Shake It Pup Legit is no. We do not doubt their food delivery business’s legitimacy since it has been in operation for about four years now. But the dog seasonings are very recent in the market. 

Also, it isn’t that the seasonings have met with a positive response from all the pet owners in the United States. Many have found that their dogs have become more picky eaters after their meals have been sprinkled with seasonings. It is currently sold at many places online like Amazon.

On the whole, we’d recommend you to try other dog food seasoning brands and see how your pet responds to them. If you have tried shakeitpup dog food seasoning before, don’t forget to share your experience here. You can also tell us if you think Is Shake It Pup Legit or not.

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  1. worse company ever to deal with .l lost 100 dollars US and still have no product that l ordered ,lm reporting them to the better business bureau and warning others to beware about them ,l ordered my product 5 months ago and they do not return inquiries so buyer beware ,shame on mark cuban for investing in this scam

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