Is Protestjobs.Com Legit

Is Protestjobs.Com Legit [June] Is This a Genuine Site? -> In this article, you got to know about a website that can help you make money by participating in protests.  

Are you seeking a career in protesting? Is Protestjobs.Com Legit will help you get the right image of such jobs online.

Protestors are the people who raise their voice against the false happening in society and fight against all the “bad” that are the significant factors for hampering the shared beliefs of a group of people.

What most people in the United State do is, they hire protestors online. So, the concept calls for, instead of going out on own, people use their networks to gather a team of professional demonstrators. 

Isn’t it exciting? You can get paid for fighting against the wrong factors. Seeing the rising importance of the job, many organizations come up to make money. They do not have the intension to help people out but intend to loot their cash.

This gives rise to question like is real or just a money-making scam? To get answers to such questions, read the complete article. This would help you to know about an entirely new concept of making money with the right means and aim.

Is Protestjobs.Com Legit?

Is Protestjobs.Com Legit or not, this came up as the frequently asked questions of many people. So, this becomes our duty to bring into notice a few points that are very important for everyone to know.

To be honest with the readers, the concept was initially introduced by some other group of individuals. Thus, this particular company has not uniquely built up this one.

Moreover, people can indeed be hired online to bring protests into motion. But the sad part is, the way this website has represented itself has no traces of being legitimate.

Read further to find out more.

What is Protest, Jobs?

The Protest jobs is an online store that has come up with the concept of paid protestors. The website claims to provide the protesters and the money for protest without considering the political affiliation of the person demanding protestors or not minding the protest’s cause.

Furthermore, the website connects with the professional group of protestors by analyzing the requirement of the person demanding the protestors.

The website even claims to pay all the protestors secretly with the help of bitcoin.

Specifications of Protest Jobs:

  • Website type- online protestors
  • Website URL-
  • Company contact number- nothing is mentioned about this on the website
  • Company address- nothing is said about this on the website
  • Email address- nothing is said about this on the website 
  • Mode of payment- Bitcoins

Advantages of Protest Jobs:

  • There is a secret mode of payment to the protestors participating in the protest.
  • The company does not discriminate based on political affiliation or the reason for the demonstration.
  • The company has an extensive network of professional protestors.

Disadvantages of Protest Jobs:

  • The website does not provide any information about the contact details of the company.
  • The site is mot professionally managed by the managing team. 
  • The site does not give any clue about the physical presence of the company.

What are people saying about the Protest Jobs?

There is a strange fact about the company. There are no reviews about the company by the people anywhere except the three testimonials on the company’s official website. 

According to those three reviews, people are highly satisfied by the means through which they are earning. They are happy to gain by participating in protests as per their convenience.

Final Verdict about Protest Jobs:

After going through all the major-minor details of the company, we found many essential facts that are important for the readers to know, especially for the people who are looking forward to being a part of the crowd of the protestors and earning money.

We are not satisfied with the way the managing team manages the website. Moreover, if looked carefully, it is not typically a website as well. There is only one page. The moment you will try to open other pages like testimonials, and about us, you will land on the same page where you started.

Furthermore, the website does not have a social media presence other than Twitter. Once you open the link, you will find very few followers of the company. 

Such points hampered our trust in the company, so we cannot recommend the website to our readers for any reason.

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