Is Porklard xyz Scam [July] Read the Entire Review Now -> This review post is all about the information on an online portal selling Nintendo games and other products.

Are you a game aficionado? Do you love having Nintendo consoles and controllers to play your games uninterruptedly? If so, you have landed to the right place. In this review post, we will find Is Porklard xyz Scam or an authentic place to buy Nintendo switches and controllers. 

It has become crucial to find out every detail of the website because many scam sites are found running in the United States. These sites seem to be legit at first glance, but its trustworthiness can be known only after thorough research. 

This is why we are analysing this website with the help of Porklard xyz Reviews. This website is new in the market, and all the products displayed on the site comes with an attractive price list. So, it becomes essential to find out if everything is good with the website, or it is a trap for innocent online shoppers. Let’s review the website in detail. 

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Is Porklard xyz Scam? 

When you decide to buy anything from a new to the website, the most important question that strikes your mind- Is Porklard xyz Scam or not? Well, with the help of this post, we will assist you in knowing more about the legitimacy of this site. After doing an in-depth investigation, we have found many loopholes in the website. 

As the website claims to sell Nintendo switches, controllers and consoles, this is not your official website of Nintendo. So, it can’t be trusted. Next, the address given on the website is a fake, and it belongs to some residential place. Also, the site is only 25 days old, and you are not recommended to purchase anything from an eCommerce store which is less than four months old. 

By considering all these points, we can say that this website is a scam. 

What is Porklard.xyz?

Porkland.xyz is an eCommerce store which is selling Nintendo products, Xbox and PlayStations of Sony. All the products sold on the website are available at heavy discounted rates. 

However, you should not get attracted to the prices of the products as it is just a way to lure customers. By looking at the website, you will find everything okay. But the site does not have any about us page which means that owner information is missing. Also, the website has a newly registered domain.  

Specifications of Porklard.xyz:

  • Website type: eCommerce store selling Nintendo switches and controllers
  • Url: https://porklard.xyz/
  • Phone Number: 5404637087
  • Location: 8800 Nagle Avenue, Arleta, CA
  • Country: United States 
  • Shipping cost: $ 10
  • Refund policy: available
  • Payment options: PayPal
  • Social Media Presence: nil

Pros of buying from Porklard.xyz:

  • All the products are of high quality
  • All the products are available at a heavy discount
  • Worldwide shipping option is available
  • Refund policy and return policy page is well maintained

Cons of buying from Porklard.xyz:

  • The website is too new to be trusted
  • Not much Porklard xyz Reviews are available for better information Office address is fake
  • About us, the page is missing due to which owner information is not revealed  

What are customer saying about the site? 

This website is new in the market, and due to this, it does not have much customer reviews online. As we all know that having customer reviews on a website gives a sense of confidence, which cannot be gained in the case of this website. 

Also, we don’t find the online presence of this website on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This is also a negative point for the site. The fact that this website does not have many reviews, its trustworthiness cannot be known. 

Final Verdict 

After going through every essential detail of the website, all we have come through is that this website is well maintained and has SSL certification for payment security. Moreover, the site is excepting return and refund. But the domain registration age of this website is only 25 days. Also, missing about us page is an indication that the owner of the site is not interested in revealing his identity. 

There are no reliable customer reviews on trusted sites like Trustpilot. So, overall we cannot recommend you to buy video games from this website as this site is new and it is not showing definite signs of legitimacy.

To conclude, we can say that this website is a scam and buying anything from it can put you in risk. Also, you are not advised to share any personal information on the site. 

All online shoppers who have purchased anything from this website are free to share their experience with us. 

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