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Is Plinko Master a Scam {Sept 2020} Read The Detail Of Scam Site -> We discuss whether making money online and through the mobile app is safe and best or not!

Playing only one kind of game on the phone seems boring and monotonous. Are you a fanatic of newly launched games like most of us to utilize and enjoy your spare time? Well, we have an app for your apple phone!

Whether it is a lockdown phase or typical routine life, everybody likes to engage themselves in mobile games. However, certain games claim to pay you with real cash. Plinko Master is among those money-making applications that work only on the iPhone of all versions. Being it new in the Apple App Store, it has attained massive audiences in a short time.

With such features and popularity, most of you question us, “Is Plinko Master a Scam?”. Our article only stands on this ground to help you find your hidden answers. The United States is one country that develops news games and applications for its citizens to enjoy. 

All About Plinko Master: 

Be a Winner- Plinko Master is a simulation game that is designed by GOOD LUCK STUDIO LIMITED in 113.8 MB size. It gives tremendous fun while playing, for which you only need to tap on your mobile screen, like any casino games continuously. In this mobile application, you have to drop a small ball to receive big prizes strategically. The fundamental of this game is very simple; you keep on playing and winning until you are exhausted. Also, the app never asks your real money to help you succeed.

Specifications of Plinko Master:

  • Game type: Simulation
  • Creator: Good Luck Studio Limited
  • App size: 113.8 MB
  • Designed for: Mobile Gaming
  • Compatible with: iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch version 10 or above
  • Ideal for: People above 17 years old
  • Copyright: Plink Studio 2020
  • Costs involved: Zero.

About the Creator:

Good Luck Studio Limited is the creator of Plinko Master, Lucky Dice, Pony Go, and other games. It primarily creates mobile applications for IOS phones. This company has attained massive goodwill in the United States and Gaming Industry. As IOS mobile applications take an extended time to make with involved complications, this creator has excelled in the business. The best thing about the apps from this creator is that they are up-to-date and trying to expand their app range for Windows and Android operating systems.

Benefits of Plinko Master:

  • Simple to install and play
  • Easy ball drop
  • Convenient to win prize box and slots
  • Does not involve read cash
  • Easy withdrawal on 100 dollars

Drawbacks of Plinko Master:

  • No future cash is assured.
  • Compatible with only iPhones

Is Plinko Master a Scam?

Plinko Master is essentially a mobile application to play the game. It has exciting graphics and functions that entice the users to install it and play it. The claim of winning real cash is doubtful because no user has ever received their winning amount so far. The strategy to earn money is to play until you collect 100 dollars to withdraw. However, most of the existing users have said that they are unable to reach 100 dollars because either the app crashes or data is removed once 90 dollars are collected. It merely means that when you are 10 dollars away to make a withdrawal, you are fooled into playing more without winning a single cent. 

Customer Feedback:

After reading the Plinko Master App Reviews on the apple store, we see over 10.6K existing users have rated it. On average, this game has 4.5 stars that is a good sign to install it. The users find it exciting, addictive, and fast-moving game; however, many people claim that it stops making money after 90 dollars, and this money either gets deleted after an app crash or never increases. This way, nobody so far has ever received payment.

Final Words:

As per our observation, we do not find the Plinko Master gaming app a scam; however, the claim of real cash winning is bogus. Nobody can make 95 dollars on the app, so forget about making 100 dollars to proceed with the withdrawal. If anybody is earning real cash apart from you, then it is the creator who gains from the advertisements and you playing the game. 

If you only want to enjoy and play a game without expecting money, this mobile application is best for you! Otherwise, we suggest you work hard on your ambitions and count real money in real life.

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