Is Operation Underground Railroad Legit

Is Operation Underground Railroad Legit (Oct 2020) Read Now! >> This article will explore the working of a non-profit organization and find out whether it is legit or not.

As the world grows, there are many problems that arise, ranging from children to older people. Today, we come up with a non-governmental organization that takes the initiative to save children from horrific practices and keep their innocence in them. The name of this non-profit organization is Operation Underground Railroad, and it works in the United States.

However, some people have a few doubts in their minds related to the O.U.R., and we will clear all dubious here. The organization works well against child exploitation and malpractices. We need to shed light on all aspects of this charitable organization that not only save the lives of children but also, facilitates to support the victims. 

Let us have a look at all ins and outs to figure out whether Is Operation Underground Railroad Legit.

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What is Operation Underground Railroad? 

In simple words, it is a non-profit organization initiated by Timothy Ballard and Mark Stott to assist government across the various corners of the world against human as well as sex trafficking, with a particular emphasis on children. The headquarter of O.U.R. is situated in California and the year 2013, Operation Underground Railroad commenced. Ballard assembled a team of people from D.H.S., state and local enforcement and C.I.D. to work with the non-profit. 

Presently, they have around more than twenty-five members who are working full-time around the world with approximately a hundred contractors who respond all calls from any part of the universe. It assists people with prevention, procuring, prosecution and capturing of offenders and works with partners to victim recovery and fundraising efforts. 

As of April 2016, it has reported that Operation Underground Railroad rescued 529 victims and arrested 182 traffickers. 

Let us get more into this rescue website for children and find out the answer to our problematic doubts. 

What has provided on the website? 

  • The URL of this rescue operation website is
  • It is a non-governmental organization.
  • It has various social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.
  • The office address of Operation Underground Railroad is Operation Underground Railroad, 1950 W. Corporate Way Anaheim, CA 92801. 
  • The contact number provided is (818) 850-6146.

What is the mission of Operation Underground Railroad?

Their sole aim is to put a halt on the human and child trafficking with the government and public cooperation. They perform rescue operations and provide aftercare. Moreover, they seek justice for the children and always developing law enforcement to stop child pornography as well as exploitation. 

Uniting with the government’s law enforcement is helpful to reduce duplication, enhance best practices, and avoid potential issues. The ultimate goal is to eliminate child exploitation and trafficking across the globe.  

It empowers law enforcement in more than 22 nations and 23 regions in the United States.   

The first operation of Operation Underground Railroad

Operation Underground Railroad took their first operation in Cartagena, Colombia and resulted to the rescue of numerous children and arrested a group of offenders that comprises of a hitherto Colombian beauty queen. The women act as a grooming guider of the children, and the majority of the traffickers are men only. 

What are the reader’s reviews about

We get into the website’ s social media handles as well as other sites and found some reviews about this Operation Underground Railroad. During this research, we get to know that the readers have given five stars to this non-profit organization and they reviewed that the Tim Ballard and his team work to rescuing kids from sex slavery and other horrific acts on earth. They put all their efforts to get back the innocence of their children and never give up in any circumstances. 

Moreover, they have also written that it is an essential non-profit organization as it guides, aware and educates people to assist the government and help to save lives.

All readers recommend Operation Underground Railroad. 

Bottom Line

After looking going through the website to find Is Operation Underground Railroad Legit, we came to know that it is a non-profit organization that works for children and save their lives from dangerous traffickers. We found five stars for O.U.R. that indicates how significant it is, and it is all legit to assist the government in reducing human trafficking.  

Kindly mention all the doubts and opinions below. If there is any dubious in your mind, then feel free to get in touch with us. 

We are delighted to assist you!!

7 thoughts on “Is Operation Underground Railroad Legit (Oct 2020) Read Now!”
  1. This group has been willling to go along with the #savethechildren campaign, which is a Q Anon based social media phenomenom that is perpetuating false information regarding Hollywood actors drinking dead trafficked children’s blood and other such atrocities. Why would this legit group want to be associated with a movement the government calls a threat?

  2. I am a volunteer with O.U.R and we are not affiliated with any conspiricy theory groups or Q groups. They do not align with our views.

  3. Complaining that it is connected to #savethechildren and therefore a Q anon conspiracy is pretty much the same as someone saying that they agree that black lives matter, yet they dislike the #blm organization…

  4. Just because the “ the deep state” calls #savethechildren group a threat does not make it so!!
    The globalist leftest ARE selling & abusing children and all of our American babies’ body parts from the 60 million abortions are how they stay RICH.
    If you voted Left/democrat/ liberal/ socialist you are the problem!

  5. BLM has nothing to do with black lives, it has everything to do with enacting socialism (another form of slavery oddly enough). Educating yourself on the topic and that organization will help you navigate reality and not be deceived by a perceptive desire bias of reality.
    Also if you want to know more about O.U.R. history and mission, then Amazon Prime currently has a free-to-watch documentary “Operation Toussaint”.

  6. CHRIS, I’m calling you out on YOUR claim that the Q anon theory is false. How do you know? You think its false because it sounds so reprehensible that it just couldn’t be true? Oh and of course, the liberal, socialist politician loving, pro abortion infant killing Hollywood stars would never do anything as vile as drinking blood. I don’t know if it’s true either, but there are a lot of very evil people doing things to people and children that you and I would think unbelievable. We know organ harvesting really happens, why is using the blood so much of a stretch. But of course, if it’s something you don’t agree with, then it must be a “conspiracy”. If you are going to make claims against anyone’s theory, then back it up with research and site the references. I hate to burst your bubble, but a story on a media show is not a valid debunking reference. Do your homework and enlighten us all.

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