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Is Notetx Legit {June} Are You Going For Legit Site? -> Trendy and fashionable clothes are just one click away from online stores.

Every season, the fashion industry dramatically changes the trend in the market. Do you like to keep tabs on every one of them? In our article, we are majorly focusing on the “Is Notetx Legit?” question. It will help you contemplating whether following trends and buying clothes from websites is safe or not. 

Now you can purchase plus-size dresses and accessories from featured sales in the United States. Trendy, colorful, and designer clothes are secondary love for all of us. Are not we right? We understand you want to know about the website, the company, and the products. Stay tuned with us. 

Notetx Reviews tell us more about the working and quality of services that the website offers. We will dig into them one by one. Till then, let’s question ourselves as to how we can stay safe from scammed sites. 

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Is Notetx Legit? 

Being reviewers, we analyze every minute detail to answer this question. In this case, we can say Notetx is a scam. First, it is a new launch and has set-up the website with one-year validity alongside SSL certification. What makes us call it fraud? Well, the products have not received any positive feedback from the existing customers. 

Regardless of having hundreds of pants, tops, and dresses, many buyers have found many loopholes. Some claim that their payment has been directed to a china-based company. It raises suspicion in their minds; hence, they try to cancel the order after interacting with the bank officials. 

However, the whole procedure becomes tough because you do not have options to cancel the order neither on the website nor through the bank. We have many reviews that we will discuss later. For the time being, let’s stick to our scam claim. 

What is Notetx?

Notetx is an online fashion store that sells sweater coats, summer dresses, pants, plus-size clothes, and many other things. It also facilitates pre-orders that seem cost-effective and better deal to have designer and fashionable closet. The domain has SSL certification that secures your interaction with the company. 

Is Notetx Legit” question still hovering in your mind? Well, we have answered that question, and it will be detailed in the following sections. 

Specifications of Notetx:

  • Website type: Women Clothing 
  • Delivery time:
  • Shipping time: 5-8 days
  • Shipping charge: 4.99 dollars
  • Shipping method: APO, DPO, and FPO
  • Refund: Applicable 
  • Return: Applicable 
  • Exchange: Applicable 
  • Order cancellation: Not applicable 
  • Company address: OH 45067, 421 Peyton Dr, United States
  • Contact person: William Kitts
  • Phone number: (812) 679-1750
  • Email address: [email protected] 
  • Payment mode: Through PayPal only

Benefits of shopping from Notetx:

  • Vast options and designs
  • Designer and comfortable clothing range
  • Vivid and hi-resolution product pictures
  • SSL certified
  • One-year validity
  • Easy returns, exchange, and refund
  • Contact points are available 

Cons of shopping from Notetx:

  • Higher shipping charges
  • Zero product reviews
  • Company address conflict between the United States and China
  • The company operates from residential property
  • Only one payment method is available 

Customer Feedback:

Our resources are unable to connect us with genuine Notetx reviews. Therefore, we search for other reviewing websites to confirm the company’s market credibility and customer loyalty. One buyer has claimed that he bought a yacht from this website and has been con-tricked.  

Some customers say that they receive no option to cancel the order. After talking with the PayPal officials, it becomes time-consuming to cancel the order and receive money back. Besides that, many buyers have a complaint that the company’s executive never replies. Whether you contact them on email ID or phone number, they are always busy scamming other people. 

Hundreds of existing buyers do not suggest this website to other United States citizens. They also counterclaim that there are plenty of option to purchase similar clothing range at the same price. All these can be availed while keeping ourselves safe from scams. 

Our Verdict:

Answering your questions and analyzing the reviews is no simple task. However, we are always pleased to assist you by claiming a website legit or a scam. Here, we find Notetx is a scam. The company directs your payment to a Chinese company and claims to have the main address in the United States. 

You also pay for 4.99 dollars for every order, regardless of the cart value, which is irrelevant to us. Other hidden dangers are elaborated in the above segments. Have a read! 

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