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Is Nest Audio Scam {Oct} Read Reviews And Then Shop -> You can transform your room into a home theatre by using an innovative speaker.

You must have used portable speakers to enjoy music, videos, and films. You also know that local brands do not last years in terms of quality and performance. Therefore, you invest a high amount in an electronic device to enjoy your life. Google has recently launched a new speaker. You must be seeing advertisements for Nest Audio. However, can you answer one question? “Is Nest Audio Scam?”. 

If you are in the United States, you will be blessed to buy the speaker in the first-hand condition. You can ask your US relatives to purchase this speaker, then parcel it to you. The pre-bookings are starting shortly! However, Nest Audio Reviews cannot be found online. The gadget is going to launch; hence, nobody has bought it yet. 

Is Nest Audio Legit?

Nest Audio is an innovation created by Google and will launch this speaker on October 5th, 2020. It has approved the websites to take pre-orders. The standard Nest Audio speaker is marketed at 99.99 dollars.

It is available to you in two shades, such as charcoal and chalk. The speaker has a compact structure that includes components for fast connectivity and clear sound

Is Nest Audio Scam?”- The question cannot be answered because google has yet to launch this speaker. People are ordering Nest Audio because it is designed by Google and supported by google assistant. It can also control your smart home on your command. Nest Audio reviews will become online once the customers use and check its audio quality. 

You can turn a standard sound to stereo quality by combing two speakers together. You can check the below headers to know more about the specifications, benefits, and cons. Overall, we cannot justify the legitimacy of Nest Audio.

What is Nest Audio?

Recently, Google announced to launch a smart speaker- Nest Audio. The google assistant is used to power this speaker. In 2016, Google Home was popular, which is going to be supplanted in the coming years. Both the speakers are mid-ranged, but you can buy high-end models by investing more money. The standard model will easily cost you 99.99 dollars. Nest Audio is launching on 5Th October 2020. Nevertheless, you can pre-book it now.

Specifications of Nest Audio:

  • 1.8 GHz A53 Quad Core19 mm tweeter
  • 24V and 30W external adaptor
  • 3 Microphones based on Far-field
  • 5 or 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
  • 5.0 Bluetooth
  • 75 mm woofer
  • Built-in Chromecast
  • Colors Available: Charcoal and Chalk
  • Connectivity: 802.11 AC/N/B/G 
  • DC Power Jack
  • Depth: 78 mm
  • Height: 175 mm
  • Integrated Google assistant
  • IOS and Android compatible operating system
  • Materials: 70% reused plastic enclosure
  • ML Hardware Engine
  • Power Cable: 1.5 m
  • Three capacitive touch controls
  • Two-phase mute mic switch
  • Voice Match Advancement
  • Weight: 1.2 KG
  • Width: 124 mm

Benefits of Nest Audio:

  • Pair speakers to receive stereo sound
  • You can easily stream popular services
  • Play music or sounds on a room basis
  • Comes in a thoughtful structure
  • Delivers rich and full sound
  • Outstanding sound at sensoria command
  • Gives room-filling sound
  • Say “Ok Google” for powering the speaker
  • Has built-in privacy
  • Deliver clear sound by adapting to the environment
  • Can effortlessly control your smart home
  • Can be purchased in two shades

Cons of Nest Audio:

  • Higher price range
  • Quality cannot be determined
  • Has to be launched in the market

Customer Feedback:

Google has announced that it is launching a new speaker that will replace Google Home. Nobody questions “Is Nest Audio Scam?” because Google Company makes the speaker. Everybody trusts the company; hence, Nest Audio Reviews are coming online before the launch. Many buyers are pre-booking their speakers at 99.99 dollars. 


What would you do if Google launches a new product? Will you buy it? Our Nest, Audio Reviews article, is coming to an end. Our post includes benefits, speaker’s specifications, cons, and credibility. You can check the above headers to read the details carefully. 

Is Nest Audio Scam?”- This question is relevant because many companies claim to have affiliation with Google. Nest Audio is making rounds in the United States in terms of pre-booking. People are already discarding their existing speakers to experience high-bass, stable, and clear audio for movies, music, and audiobook. Besides, the speaker has a sensor that helps you in controlling your smart home and popular services. 

Kindly share your expectations with Nest Audio in the comment section. We would appreciate your time and efforts. 

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