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is Lit Solar legit [Oct] – Are You Losing Money Here? -> In this article, we learned about the product using solar technology.

Are you looking for solar chargers? Let’s check out Lit Solar and look for some insights about is Lit Solar legit.

There have been times when we want a backup for our mobile phones or our batteries. Whether we are hiking or just out of electricity, LitSolar devices can be our savior in some no-electricity situations.

Lit Solar Review tells us that the majority of people using their products are from the United State. The reviews have been useful in our research about this company.

Before diving into the insights of Lit Solar and buying their product, allow us to answer your questions about this company’s authenticity.

Is Lit Solar Legit?

Lit Solar has been doing a fantastic job with its eco-friendly products and proved to be a great backup device in an emergency.

They are also providing jobs for those who are keen, passionate, and love to work with solar technology. 

Lit Solar placed in Indiana, USA. They are having an exponential growth in their market and proved as the fastest growing e-commerce company.

This company has a lot of reviews on their website and as well. Their products are also available on Amazon and received some enlightening reviews on their review section as well.

Hence, looking at their work ethics, we can surely say that the website is legit and selling great products. 

What is Lit Solar?

Lit Solar is an E-Commerce website. They have solar energy centered products like Solar Power Banks, Solar Battery Chargers, Solar Backpacks, etc.

Solar technology is environmentally friendly, does not use much space, is durable, and sold at a reasonable price. 

They also have spin the wheel contest, which includes a lot of exciting offers and discounts on the products. They are also continuously looking for fresh minds to work with them and bring some new ideas on the table. 

Why is Lit Solar Unique? 

The unique feature of Lit Solar devices is that it uses solar energy to charge them. 

You do not have to remove the plugs or care about when to remove them after being charged. Just put them in the sunlight, and that is your only responsibility. 

Most of the electronic devices have a risk of getting their fuse burned. There is no such risk with these Lit Solar Devices. 

They are best for emergency needs when you do not have access to electricity. 

Specifications of Lit Solar:

  • Product Type: Solar Power Devices. 
  • Website Link:
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Company’s Address: 320, Ohio, Chicago, IL 60654
  • Contact Number: (888)-446-4342
  • Delivery Time: 5-6 Business days from the date of purchase
  • Shipping Fee: Free Shipping. 
  • Return / Exchange : Available. 
  • Refund: Not Available. 
  • Payment Mode: Online Payment only.

Pros Of Lit Solar Products:

  • Eco-friendly products.
  • Sold at a reasonable price. 
  • Exciting offers. 
  • 30-Days Return Policy. 
  • Fast Charging. 
  • Secure Payment Gateways. 
  • The company is providing jobs.

Cons Of Lit Solar Product:

  • Cash on Delivery not available. 
  • The website does not have precise contact details. 
  • Zero social media engagement.
  • No refund policy. 
  • Limited stock.
  • Information about customer services is not clear. 

What are customer reviews about Lit Solar?

Lit solar product is the real saviors. Customer reviews flooded with appreciations and love towards the company’s product. 

The customers are particularly happy about the long-lasing feature of the products. They are amazed about the fact that on charged batteries goes for hours. 

Their return/exchange policy helped a lot of customers who were not happy with the received product, or the damaged products delivered to them. 

Lit Solar Company has an open-minded concept to invite anyone who has new and creative ideas about how to improve their current stock or invent new products.

Final Verdict:

Lit Solar has a fantastic idea to replace electricity with solar electricity. There is nothing wrong with taking help from our mother nature. 

The reviews have a fantastic effect on our research; they have made us give big thumbs up to Lit Solar. 

We appreciate the nature friendly and innovative idea and adore their open-minded attitude. The most crucial factor in their products is that they do not harm any human being or animals. 

The customers have positive feedback about there products. They do not have any contact details and delivery time mentioned on their website. 

Still, you can buy their products from Amazon, which gives delivery time estimates and customer support. 

Hence we would recommend you to try this product once and then decide on our own. 

0 thoughts on “is Lit Solar legit [Oct] – Are You Losing Money Here?”
  1. you need to update this company. with as many bbb complaints they have and the fact they take your money and never answer any emails back, it is obviously a scam. that is why i filed a complaint with the Illinois Attorney Generals office.

    1. Yeah,, they got me for $350
      Paid on May 3rd and thought I was getting a deal. But never got purchased items. And was never able to contact the seller.

      1. Hi Mark,
        My name is Betty Tsubamoto & I saw the Lit Solar Battery Charger advertised while playing a video game. It looked like a fantastic product to own & they were offering it for only $39.98 (regular price $99.99, limited time 60% discount).
        About a week or two after I ordered & paid by credit card on-line, I got a friendly e-mail (or text?) from the Company. It said that due to the Covid-19 crisis, their shipments have been delayed. They asked for my patience in receiving the Charger.
        I placed the order on May 18, 2020. It is now 4 months later (Sept. 16) & I am still waiting.

        1. Hi Betty I had the same thing, with order from may! Now I cant even find their website, do you have any information on their site address?

        2. same here they take your money and then you get nothing in return ,no product no refund and no return email …..BIG SCAM DONT BUY IT DONT DREAM ABOUT IT ,JUST FORGET IT,CAUSE ITS LIKE THAT SOCK YOU LOSE INTHE WASH ,YOU KNOW IT WENT THERE BUT IT AINT COMING BACK

  2. lit solar inc! took my money, no product, no phone, no email response,after several attempts scam site from Indiana !

    1. Complete scam, got a few emails saying they were waiting for a shipment to come in from China at the start of the pandemic. May turned to June to July. Emails stopped being answered. Waited until the last day I could to report the fraudulent charge to my bank. Thankfully I got my 60 bucks back. Hope these scam artists go to prison for scamming so many people.

  3. I think this site is affiliated with Lit Solar (or Lit Mobile, as they are also called). All they do is say how great the company is, and they recommend to purchase the product. And by the text above, I can tell that they are Chinese. I deal with people in China by email on a regular basis, and some of the text above reads JUST like their emails.

    Do not believe anything this site says — they must be in cahoots with Lit Solar.

  4. My husband and `I ordered from lit solar and the items never arrived and they have stopped responding to us.They are scam artists.DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.

  5. I’ve also ordered the product from lit solar. I haven’t received my order or any information about where the order is. The funds were taken

  6. Lit Solar is a scam!! I have emailed them numerous times and no response. Luckily they have only got me for 40 bucks. I still want justice. It looks like I am not the only one and I agree this site needs to be updated. The phone number listed is disconnected. So what do we do now? I ordered the solar charged in May and have received nothing. I guess all of us just got screwed! This makes me not want to order anything online without doing extensive research. I guess its my fault for trusting people to be honest and that there are consumer protections out there. If anybody out there wants back up to crush these bastards I’m in!!

  7. What a bullshit “company” – Lit Solar is a total scam. I ordered two solar-powered cell phone chargers (seemed like a novel idea that could come in really handy) back at the end of May. Never heard a word after that. They did take my money, but as far as any product delivery or other communication after the initial order: nada, zilch… the big goose egg! If you happen to be considering ordering anything from this company – DO NOT!!!!
    Save your money

  8. Hey I’m sorry that you guys didn’t get your product I bought a few of these lit solar backup battery device I actually bought four of them. And I got my products I gave them to my brothers and sisters I use mine at least two three times a week it’s great. It works on fluorescent lighting that it charges itself when I’m able to charge my phone my tablets I also used the lighting system it works very well. I’m not sure but covid may have gotten them tank it’s a great product


  9. Ordered the Lit Solar Charger for sake price of $39.98 on May 18, 2020. Credit card charged, no product received as of today, Sept. 16, 2020.

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