Is Kite Girly Legit (Nov 2020) Reviews of the Site Below. >> This article will give information about a website which deals with stylish women fashion at great discounts.

Are you also not going out due to covid-19 and suffering from a shortage of clothes? Now you don’t have to worry about anything because we have brought you a website which deals with women’s fashion and many other products. In this article, you will be reading kite Girly ReviewsAlso, check whether Is Kite Girly Legit?

This is an online marketing website of the United Stateswhich was recently launched on the internet. You can find all its details like its shipping, delivery, terms and policies, and all the other details of this website on its official webpage.

Nowadays, everyone does not directly buy products from a website that is newly launched. So, you should also first read all its information and decide whether this site is legit or not.

And after reading this article, you will get all the essential information on this website and whether it Is Kite Girly Legit?

Is Kite Girly Legit?

Almost every customer who has gone through this website is searching to answer the question, Is Kite Girly Legit? 

The contact us tab of this website does not contain any contact number of the customer care. The website has mentioned that you can contact them through their mail id given if you have any questions. But mail is not a convenient option because it’s easier for the customer to contact a phone number.

If you want to return your order, you have to decide within 14 days whether the product is suitable for you. If not, you have to mail them your details of the product, and if they approve the return request, you have to post them by going to the post office. Also, if the product is returned without their approval, then you will not get any refund.

The company has mentioned that the brand was established in 2015, but by further checking, we found that this brand was made this year only 2020. This is usually a bad sign for a site.

Also, there were no Kite Girly Reviews available on the site. So you will not find any customer feedback on the website; this is a cynical look at the website.

These facts readily describe this website, and this site is a scam selling low-quality products.

What is Kite

This is an online shopping platform of the United States that sells clothing and footwear for women from 18-35.

They only work to provide the best products at the best cost. They have also motivated workers who always make developments and bring innovative and unique products to their customers.

Nowadays, due to many international airlines being suspended, your order’s delivery will take a long time. But you don’t have to worry. They will try to deliver your order at the earliest.

Specifications of Kite

  • Website types: e-commerce site.
  • I am dealing with: women’s clothing products.
  • Company address: not provided.
  • Contact details: not given.
  • Mail address: [email protected]
  • Shipping policy: not a specified time.
  • Delivery: delayed due to ongoing problems.
  • Return policy: 30 days of the delivery.
  • Refund time: the refund will be provided after your return is processed.
  • Payment method: VISA, PAY pal, Master cards, debit cards.

Pros of Kite

  • The brand provides a minimum of 10% off discount on their products.
  • You will get various varieties of the items available.
  • Many payment methods are supported.

Cons of Kite

  • The company has not posted their Kite Girly Reviews on the page.
  • The shipping of the orders is delayed.
  • No company addresses available

Customer Reviews of Kite

As we have already told you, the website does not contain any customer feedback, which is not a good sign.

And without customer feedback, the customer does not trust the site because this is the most critical information given to the customers. 

But we have found the same reviews on the chrome posted by some customers who purchased products from this website. They have mentioned that this website delivers low-quality products. 

Final Verdict:

This article has provided you with the vital information on this website you should be aware of.

And we would not recommend this website because it is just a scam. And if you want to buy these products, you buy them from the useful websites that are highly reputed and trusted by the customers.

Do share your views about Is Kite Girly Legit in the comments section below.

0 thoughts on “Is Kite Girly Legit (Nov 2020) Reviews of the Site Below.”
    Item wasn’t even close to the quality or the look of what it was perceived as on the website.
    I have sent over 15 emails back and forth with “customer service” who types as though they are a 4 year old child.
    Repeat themselves over and over again without zero effort to solve my DAMAGED jacket that they want me to pay to return to them in CHINA.

    Lord help us all… or just the ones that try and order off this website.

  2. SCAM!!! Don’t lose your money. They never sent an email confirmation. When I asked them they said it must have gone to spam, it didn’t. Then they sent me a tracking number which was conveniently “not found”. I asked them for a refund and they said they can’t do that and due to the pandemic we have to wait 2 weeks even to get a tracking number, even though they already gave me a tracking number? Their email responses are very unprofessional and suspicious. I am currently trying to dispute the charge with my bank and hopefully find some way to report these people so they can’t keep scamming people

  3. Absolute scam… the merchandise is cheap … not at all like the photos… very expensive and to ship something back it costs around 50 dollars… save your money and do not support this China company

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