Is Bra Scam (Sept 2020) Get A Clearer View About It >>The above article is about a website that sells various varieties of a bra, and assures satisfaction. 

Are you a woman who wants the perfect bra for herself? Now, people don’t have to go to physical stores to buy bras; there are various bras available on the internet. Are you based in the United States, Canadaand are thinking of ordering a soft and comfortable bra for yourself off the internet? Is Bra scam?

We have provided in-depth research about various aspects of this website to analyze whether this web store is legit. You can read our bra reviews.

Is Bra legit? bra is a web store that sells bras. One can find various types of bras on this website. The website claims to provide the most comfortable, best-fitted bras that will allow the consumer to keep all size-related issues away. We have compiled information about various aspects of the website to establish its credibility. 

Though, sometimes the website takes too long to respond or becomes unresponsive. It becomes difficult to trust the website that becomes unresponsive. It makes the user think, ‘ Is Bra Scam?‘ 

We tried analyzing various aspects of the site to establish its authenticity. The biggest issue is that there is no contact information on the website owner available on the website. Whenever someone tries to go to the page of contact info, it says ‘404: Not found.’ 

Also, the website doesn’t have a dedicated page for returns and refunds. The site has a single page that leads to a page for payments when users try to make an order. All of this makes a user get suspicious about the website.

What is bra? bra is an online brand of bras. The website claims to sell the most comfortable, right size bras. It is a single-page website where the user can go ahead and place an order. As soon as the user tries to place an order on the site, they will get directed to the place where they can enter the payment details.  

There are various benefits that the website claims that are provided by the bra. Various users have claimed that the bra makes their breast look plump, forming a perfect shape. Women have claimed that even uneven breasts look perfect after wearing this bra.

Various women have claimed that the bras have been comfortable to them, even during breastfeeding. Various women have even placed an order for more bras on the same website. But, Is Bra Scam?


  • Website: It sells various types of bras. 
  • Email: Not mentioned on the website.
  • Address: Not specified.
  • Phone: Not mentioned on the website.
  • Shipping: All over the world.


  • The products are currently in a sale. 
  • The products can be grabbed at discounted prices.


  • The products are not made of the right fabric.
  • The products can be ordered from other websites as well at lower prices.

Customer Reviews: 

We tried finding some authentic reviews of bras online to determine the answer to the question Is Bra Scam? We found that various women have liked the product and have claimed that they like the way their breast gets proper support by bra. Although, we did come across a few reviews where the women have bashed the website.

They have claimed that the bra doesn’t do any of the things that it claims to do, and the product didn’t work for them. So, bra has mixed customer reviews on the internet. 

Final Verdict:

We tried to establish the fact of whether bra is a scam or not. We analyzed various aspects of this website. The website runs ads on Facebook, which is the platform where most users know about this website. There are various women out there who seem to be satisfied with this product and have switched to bra instead of their regular bras.

Though various women have also claimed that this product doesn’t work for them, also, various women have bashed the website for putting out false claims. Various users have also bashed the website to mislead customers with information such as wired bras causing breast cancer.

Thus, there is a high chance for the website not to be a scam, but we would ask our users to be cautious while placing an order from the site. Also, we request our users not to place an order on the site till they are one hundred percent sure of its credibility. 

We think that this information is sufficient to answer the question Is Bra Scam?’ Comment your views about the same below.

27 thoughts on “Is Bra Scam (Sept 2020) Get A Clearer View About It”
  1. I am trying to get in touch with the company to get a different size bra. This one allows the sides of my breasts to bulge out toward my arm pits. The shipper was World lead International Limited. It also received the payment. They are not the producer and appear to just be the shipper. I think that contacting them would be fruitless.

  2. Got mine today and they are horrible. Light and stretchy, yes, but at least 2 sizes too small. Unwearable. Asking for rebate.

    1. I had the same problem and they want videos showing that it’s too small!!!! Before they will refund. When I ordered it the website said that the size I picked would fit me. But now their website says something totally different!!! Complete Scam I’m out $40 because I am not sending a video of it not fitting for them to use or spread online everywhere

  3. I have the same problem… the fabric is inferior and does not offer support and the sizing is incorrect! Do not purchase this product!

  4. BE WARNED!! Kissy bra is a scam. Their product is made of very shoddy materials. Their product sizing does not match their sizing chart. Returns and refunds are impossible because they will not provide a return address and refuse to refund your purchase cost. In my case, the items did not fit as advertised and I wanted to return the items for a refund. Below is the reply I received from their Resolution Support Team.

    “As on our product page, we provide a size chart, so our customers need to measure it correctly before making any purchase.

    We are sorry we unable to accept any return item as we sent the correct quantity order as purchased. Non-returnable items include items purchased through retailers, incorrect products purchased, and damaged products through customer mishandling.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. “

    It is my opinion that this company knowingly provides poor products and operates under the guidelines to NEVER REFUND money to dissatisfied customers. They do not care ! They only want your money!!!!

  5. Not worth even half of the sale price. They do feel like they aren’t there because they basically aren’t. Very little support and pushes my breasts out under my armpits. I do not feel like these will last even as a lounging bra since the straps are pulled out of shape once you move around any.

    1. I completely agree. I am fighting with them now and will probably only have to depend on my credit card company to resolve it for me. DO NOT BUY this product.

  6. Wish I had read the above reviews before investing in these bras. They are the shabbiest, cheapest, TERRIBLE bras. NEVER again!!! Now they are giving me a hard time about refunding money! SCAM SCAM SCAM!

  7. DO NOT PURCHASE! This is a horrible company and a horrible bra. I ordered mine based on the size chart they had posted. It came and is completely not the right fit. It is so small, it must be based on Asian sizing, not US or EU sizing. A review of the website today has a totally different sizing chart than was there when I made my purchase. I contacted the company and they refused to take it back, saying they don’t take returns of “incorrectly purchased products”. Even if this bra was the right size, I wouldn’t wear it. The material is crap and it’s just weird.

  8. Very poorly made and not anywhere the correct size. I cannot find any information to return them. Don’t think I will ever buy anything advertised on Facebook again.

  9. I have been dealing with this company since receiving an inferior product. At first they flat out refused. As I began the process with my credit card company to get a refund Kiss.le asked for pictures of the product like they were going to refund. The next message I got was that they wanted to send me a replacement since they mis-sized the product. I have rebuffed that offer since their product is inferior. This company is a scam. Do not order from them. I don’t know if I will ever get a refund but I will make sure to post a review on every site I come across about how inferior their product and services are. By the way, an email they contacted me from is [email protected] and Resolution Support Team I hope these are helpful to some of you in the same situation as I am in.

  10. Hi can’t even get the email address I managed to find to work. It is what you would expect an XXS would be when I ordered an XL.
    I haven’t been able to actually get in touch with anyone to find out how to return it.

  11. Bad Customer Service. I purchased one of their bras and need to return it. The hoops to go through are stupid. Photo of the shipping bag for the tracking number? It was a plastic bag that was discarded. they have my information and if not I can forward the email they sent me. They also want a photo, video of the defect. It doesn’t fit–I am not doing a video of my breasts sticking out of a too small bra. Unhelpful customer service.

  12. I fell for it. I want to return my purchase and can’t find one word about being able to contact them, or getting a refund and returning it. I’m livid about being scammed like this.

  13. I purchased a bra from The moment I put the bra on I started to itch all over. I’ve contacted stating the problem with the bra and asked for a refund. They asked me to send pictures of the front , back of the bra and a picture of the shipping label with the tracking number. I did all that they asked me to. They denied me a refund stating that they sent the product I ordered and that I should order another bra. Why would I order another bra of the same fabric that made me break out the first time.
    I was charged for a bra I can’t wear and can’t return.
    Totally a SCAM! Don’t buy from

  14. I’m embarrassed to say that I also fell for the scam. I am completely dissatisfied with the product and so far I’ve just been given the run-around regarding return/refund. They wanted photos of the mailing label and the defective product. I sent pictures, letting them know that I do not LIKE the bras and want to return for a full refund. They replied with yet another request of photos — this time of a side-by-side of my “existing” bra along side theirs. I did this, reiterating my request for a return/refund. Their latest reply was to inform me that I can remove the nearly 1-inch thick padding if I don’t like it. This is NOT a solution to the problem. Any reputable company will not put up such barriers to a return/refund of an unsuitable product. I’m furious at this point and can recommend that you NEVER throw your money away on this product.

  15. Crap company! I asked for a refund three hours after purchase. They said they would send one but would keep $5 for processing. Fine at least I get the rest of my $94.88 back. A month later no refund so I contacted them again. Two weeks after that they finally got back to me again and said my order had been shipped and there was nothing they could do.
    I’m filing with PayPal but don’t expect the company to do anything about it. Now I’m out the money and have no product either. Total scam!

  16. DON’T ORDER THESE BRAS!!!! I was so excited about these bras but the excitement turned to, “What have I done?” when I finally received them. They took several weeks to get to me like reported above. I ordered a 2X and they fit more like a medium. There was no return information. I paid with PayPal but when PayPal did the dispute they said they would refund my money when they received them back. $63 dollars to return two bras (To China) worth $78 dollars. Needless to say I’m stuck with two bras that don’t fit and I’m out $78 dollars. Not sure what I’m going to do with them now. These folks are laughing all the way to the bank. I hope I make at least one person rethink sending their hard earned money.

  17. I made the mistake of ordering one of their bras through a Facebook ad. I was extremely disappointed in the product when it finally arrived, echoing many of the comments placed already — poor sizing, poor quality, no way it would work. It took months of emails & sending pictures & demanding it that I finally got a procedure for returning the product. I went to a UPS store to package & ship the item & found that it would cost 4 to 6 times the cost of the product (up to $246) to ship it back to Kowloon!

    My strong suggestion is to not order in the first place. The second would be that if you already have, just forget trying to return it. You will just end up having to eat the original cost & be, hopefully, wiser in ordering products from those kinds of ads.

  18. I had the exact same experience documented in all of these posts! The most bizarre thing is that when you ask for a refund they demand “evidences” including a video showing your current bra and the one they sent! The one I got was RIDICULOUSLY small! I did pay through PayPal and entered a dispute through them after no fewer than six email exchanges with “Worldlead International Limited”. PayPal ruled in my favor and I received a refund. I am reporting them to the BBB and the FTC. These practices might fly in some places in the world but I do not think they would in the USA!

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