Is Kindred Hearts Gifting Scam {Sept 2020} Clear Reviews!
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Is Kindred Hearts Gifting Scam {Sept 2020} Clear Reviews!


Is Kindred Hearts Gifting Scam {Sept 2020} Clear Reviews! >> Want to earn five times more of your initial investment then read this article.

Do you all know about the pyramids? The structure of the pyramid shape monument is such that the bottom is broad, and the top is very compact and pointed. 

In this article, we will talk about gifts. We all love to receive giveaways, are you aware of gift clubs? Yes, these gifts club are running in the United States, and all the new members of the club give gifts to the existing members. You can also call it as joining fees.

One such gift club is Kindred Hearts Gifting. The gift clubs aim to help people raise their living standards by helping one another.

In this article, you will also get to know that Is Kindred Hearts Gifting Scam or not. You will learn that does it help people to earn money, or is it a scam. 

What is Kindred Hearts Gifting?

Kindred Hearts Gifting is a gift club that works on the pyramid formula. It means the club is in the form of a pyramid. The new member forms the base of the pyramid, and the old or existing members are the top.

How does Kindred Hearts Gifting works?

The gift clubs’ mechanism is such that the new members pay a small amount of money as gifts to the existing members to become a part of the group and need to bring in two more people with them in the group.

Each member at the top gets money and can use that money for a different purpose. The cash is referred to as gifts because, in the United States, a person can get tips up to 15000$ annually, and that gift amount is not taxable. Thus, it will be your additional income.

The gift club aims to build additional income and not to pay tax on that income. Thus, gift clubs help an individual make income, and as every new person adds another two people to the club, the club keeps growing, and the people at the top earn the most with this.

What is Kindred Hearts Gifting Scam?

The gift clubs are called scams by a few people as whenever any scheme closes, the people who have recently joined the club lose their investment, whereas the people at the top have earned five times their initial investment, so they are happy.

What are the myths and the reality?

There are many questions like Is Kindred Hearts Gifting Scam or is it helping people earn and grow. Before knowing the answer to this question, let us first understand the gifts clubs’ facts and figures.  

There is a myth amongst people that the gift clubs are legal and are accepted by the IRS, whereas the truth is gift clubs are not licensed and are not given permission by the IRS. There are many false claims that eminent and elite people are also part of gift clubs, which is not valid.

Gift clubs prefer to take cash as gifts from the new members as it is difficult to trace, and there is no proof of the transactions.

What do customers feel about Kindred Hearts Gifting?

Many reviews on the internet say that Kindred Hearts Gifting is not a scam and helps people grow and earn more money by investing a small sum. Reviews say members have gained so much to buy a house in the United States, and this is not a scam.

The scheme is not beneficial for people only when they do not bring two more people in the club or if the plan closes. Thus, the answer to Is Kindred Hearts Gifting Scam is yes, the gift clubs are scam and not legit according to the law but are helping people earn and grow their income. 

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