Is Kindred Hearts Gifting Scam {Nov 2020} Clear Reviews! >> Want to earn five times more of your initial investment then read this article.

Do you all know about the pyramids? The structure of the pyramid shape monument is such that the bottom is broad, and the top is very compact and pointed. 

In this article, we will talk about gifts. We all love to receive giveaways, are you aware of gift clubs? Yes, these gifts club are running in the United States, and all the new members of the club give gifts to the existing members. You can also call it as joining fees.

One such gift club is Kindred Hearts Gifting. The gift clubs aim to help people raise their living standards by helping one another.

In this article, you will also get to know that Is Kindred Hearts Gifting Scam or not. You will learn that does it help people to earn money, or is it a scam. 

What is Kindred Hearts Gifting?

Kindred Hearts Gifting is a gift club that works on the pyramid formula. It means the club is in the form of a pyramid. The new member forms the base of the pyramid, and the old or existing members are the top.

How does Kindred Hearts Gifting works?

The gift clubs’ mechanism is such that the new members pay a small amount of money as gifts to the existing members to become a part of the group and need to bring in two more people with them in the group.

Each member at the top gets money and can use that money for a different purpose. The cash is referred to as gifts because, in the United States, a person can get tips up to 15000$ annually, and that gift amount is not taxable. Thus, it will be your additional income.

The gift club aims to build additional income and not to pay tax on that income. Thus, gift clubs help an individual make income, and as every new person adds another two people to the club, the club keeps growing, and the people at the top earn the most with this.

What is Kindred Hearts Gifting Scam?

The gift clubs are called scams by a few people as whenever any scheme closes, the people who have recently joined the club lose their investment, whereas the people at the top have earned five times their initial investment, so they are happy.

What are the myths and the reality?

There are many questions like Is Kindred Hearts Gifting Scam or is it helping people earn and grow. Before knowing the answer to this question, let us first understand the gifts clubs’ facts and figures.  

There is a myth amongst people that the gift clubs are legal and are accepted by the IRS, whereas the truth is gift clubs are not licensed and are not given permission by the IRS. There are many false claims that eminent and elite people are also part of gift clubs, which is not valid.

Gift clubs prefer to take cash as gifts from the new members as it is difficult to trace, and there is no proof of the transactions.

What do customers feel about Kindred Hearts Gifting?

Many reviews on the internet say that Kindred Hearts Gifting is not a scam and helps people grow and earn more money by investing a small sum. Reviews say members have gained so much to buy a house in the United States, and this is not a scam.

The scheme is not beneficial for people only when they do not bring two more people in the club or if the plan closes. Thus, the answer to Is Kindred Hearts Gifting Scam is yes, the gift clubs are scam and not legit according to the law but are helping people earn and grow their income. 

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  1. I’m going to explain to you why you’re wrong and you don’t know what you’re talkin about and I’m going to give me an example of how the different cultures do it the same thing I just seen it a scam but one example because of how you were born on where you go up in your environment is acceptable but as soon as somebody outside of your environment do it you call it a scam and it breaking the law
    I’m pretty sure that most of the people involved in Kindred Hearts is from the West Indies or the island and we grow up calling this investment a “SUE SUE”.
    Know if you have ten friends and you got them together and everybody every week for an uncertain amount of money send out of the 10 people on it. Central the guy with the longest STRAW GETS the first shot at the POT the guy with the shortest STRAW gets the last SHOT AT THE POT now you might want to buy a house you might want to go on Vacation, Buy a Car whatever.
    Now lets put it in your environment let’s say you have some inside information about Stocks. Or do you need money to do investments in building a building or whatever buying a house And you didn’t have the money so you go to your friend and you tell him that you had some information Yadi Yadi Yadi some money and it would they be interested in putting up $500 per person whatever, you understand what I’m trying to say and what I’m getting at. An what i am going to say. This is just “White People Normal Behavior” ANYTHING BLACK PEOPLE DO TO SURVIVE. There is always something Criminal going om in White Peopless Eyes.

    1. Hello, I and a member on Kindred Hearts and someone had changed my password. Do you know what I can do about this?

  2. Mr. Patterson, I beg to differ….the difference with a Sou Sou is (using your example) 10 specific people contribute weekly. From This group of 10 (using your example), one individual draws (collects) weekly. The Sou Sou has a beginning and an end. Alpha and Omega. There exists a Balance. The kindred hearts gifting appears to be similar to singing a “round” of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”. Eventually the kids get tired of signing and the song falls apart. Before you chastise me for not being culturally in the know … I too have a Caribbean background and gifting club experience from the 80s and 90s to have as a frame of reference.

    To sum it up…like investing in stocks, it’s an individual’s personal preference just how much “risk” they can stomach.

    What works for one might not work for another. At the end of the day though…don’t let folks come looking for you when you don’t have their money 😉

    I’m sick to death of it.
    Gifting is something that can be a wonderful blessing to everyone regardless of who you are or where you came from.
    They are known throughout the world under different names depending on where you are from.
    The esousou is just one name.
    What makes an esousou fail is because in general people don’t understand how they really work.
    Some people expect to get rich quick and that isn’t how it works.
    Right now most sou sou platforms are open and need people so everyone can be blessed.
    It is the law of large numbers. Everyone should invite and bring no less than 2.
    There is no one person at the top receiving all the gifts. Everyone works their way to the gifting position.
    When someone is gifted they are supposed to return and begin again at the lowest level.
    Some folks never return after being blessed and never find a replacement for their position.
    That behavior is what slows the process down. This is a “Team” effort, not an “In it for Me”.
    After all, there is no I in TEAM.
    Requesting a gift receipt from the gifter is encouraged to keep for your tax records.
    Are there scams out there? Sure, that is the sad way of life for those who chose to live their life stealing from people.
    However, we can’t label everything that way.
    These gifting clubs have helped cultures from around the world survive and thrive!
    The gifting clubs were brought to the USA and have evolved and allowed many people to purchase homes or become successful entrepreneurs.
    If you are someone that wants to try a gifting platform that wants to see people succeed then please contact.
    I will be happy to refer. However, make sure you have the mindset to succeed and the patience to make your success a reality.
    You must be willing to learn the process and have no less than 2 positive like-minded people to journey with you.
    Normally you should have your 2 the week after you start your journey.
    NoneYa @ [email protected]

  4. We “invested” $600 almost 4 months ago and have not see a red cent in return. I am ready to report them to the authorities. From what I understand some “Pastor ” is supposed to be running this scam. Last I heard they were on an anniversary vacation – on my dime. The people who got me involved keep saying to be patient. NOPE!

  5. Dear Fed Up,
    It is unfortunate that after 4 months of being patient you haven’t seen your blessing or any blessing. I would hope it wasn’t true that a “man of the cloth” is vacationing and not tending to his flock within the gifting community. I have found that many of the gifting circles are moving slower because anyone that was receiving the “extra” unemployment stopped participating in their gifting platforms when that funding stopped. Many groups came to a complete halt because that “extra” money is what they were using to fund their gifts. I can’t speak to your group as I am not a member of Kindred Hearts. However, I do know that all groups take time and patience. Everyone must work together and hold accountable all members. You should reach out to the group leader and ask for an explanation. That makes perfect sense.

  6. I am also in the Kindred Hearts gifting community and it is not a scam. You have to involve like minded individuals that you trust and the process works. Be mindful of who you deal with because there are a lot of scans out there!!

  7. Hi please I need help my board is stuck for more than 3 months because someone joined and paid and the person did not bring 2 like minded people and left the group so now we can’t get people to join. What can I do ?

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