Is Kindlue Legit {Sep 2020} Detailed Website Review! >> We will review and establish the legitimacy of an online shopping store with a vast collection of clothes for both men and women.

Are you looking to shop for clothes online? With more and more customers wanting to shop online, the number of online stores for shopping has gone up. We are going to talk about one such e-store Kindlue. We will take into consideration several factors and establish – Is Kindlue Legit?

A recently established online shopping store Kindlue delivers across the United States. It has a vast collection of clothes for both men and women. You will also be able to avail many discount offers on its website. 

We will now dive into an in-depth review of the website and talk about Kindlue Reviews, its policies in regards to shipping, return and exchange and finally establish if it is safe to shop from this website. 

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Is Kindlue Legit? 

An online clothing store, Kindlue is present in the United States. The e-store was set up quite recently i.e., 15th June 2020, and there isn’t much information on the Internet about this website. We cannot establish the legitimacy of this website, due to lack of information. However, you should be aware of all these factors in case you wish to purchase something from here. 

The website has a variety of clothes to offer but is very new. There is absolutely no presence on any social media channels. There is no mention of a contact number and official address, and even their policies are not very well defined. Kindlue Reviews are absent altogether. There is considerable processing and delivery time required for your orders. 

So to answer Is Kindlue Legit? We cannot be sure as there is not sufficient information to establish its legitimacy, but we consider this website to be suspicious and suggest our readers to tread carefully.

What is Kindlue?

Kindlue that is an online store sells clothes. The variety includes – Tops, dresses, various themed outfits like mountain print, drink lover, animal print, western style, for both men and women. The website is missing out several crucial details like contact number, address and even on a few policies. 

The clothes are affordable, and you can avail discount on your first order, free shipping over $79 and many other offers. 

Kindlue does not have any social media presence, and we could not find any customer reviews as well. Owing to its recent setup, there is no definitive answer to – Is Kindlue Legit? 

Kindlue Specifications

  • Website:
  • Products: Clothes for men and women
  • Processing duration: 3-7 days but can go upto two weeks due to the high volume of orders. 
  • Delivery: 2-6 weeks
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact: Not mentioned.
  • Address: Not mentioned
  • Returns Offered: Within 30 days
  • Exchange: Not mentioned
  • Refund Period: within 2-3 days 
  • Payment Modes: Paypal/Amex/ Mastercard/ Visa/etc. 

Kindlue Pros

  • It has a wide variety of collection to offer. 
  • You can avail many discount offers. 
  • The website has not raised any red flags on the Internet and has not been reported by any Anti Virus. 

Kindlue Cons

  • It is a new website about which there is not much information on the Internet.
  • The contact number and address is missing on the website.
  • Not present on any social media platforms. 
  • It has only 2% trust score, which is very less and makes the website not very secure.
  • The processing duration and delivery time is very long.

Kindlue Customer and User Reviews

Kindlue is offering huge discounts on its website and has a great collection. However, Kindlue Reviews are missing altogether. We could not find any feedback from customers on the website or elsewhere on the Internet. 

It is not a good sign when new websites do not have any reviews, and it is advisable to stay away from shopping from such websites. 

Final Verdict

Kindlue was set up on the Internet very recently and has not yet gained any popularity. It is a clothing store that has a wide variety for both the genders. As discussed above, we have very less information about the store, making it difficult at the moment to conclude Is Kindlue Legit?

We suggest that users should stay away from such websites that have not yet gained any credibility and is suspicious. As far as shopping for clothes online is concerned, there are hundreds of verified websites that you can consider as an alternative 

If you have any experiences with this website that you’d like to share with us, please write in the comments below. Your opinion and suggestions are valuable to us. 

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