Is Jishaku Patch Legit

Is Jishaku Patch Legit {June}  Think And Buy From Legit Site -> This article is giving reviews on a product that is sold for a weight loss solution.

Did you ever try to use a patch to lose weight? You might have come across such websites selling those patches. One of them is, which sells the Jishaku patch for weight loss. But Is Jishaku Patch legit, we need to know that first. As people worldwide are always on a lookout for natural solutions to weight loss, they get trapped by such offers.

This product Jishaku patch, is sold by the website from the United States. These patches claim to burn the extra fat present in your body and make you slim. Thus, to find the authenticity of this product, we analyzed the website. We are judging a product before its usage is essential for a customer. 

Hence in this article, we have provided you with reviews to know if it is legit. Keep reading this article to know more about this product.

Is Jishaku Patch Legit?

This patch is available at website and was invented by a Japanese scientist Dr. Kojima. He made this patch from a natural herb called Hokuto mint, and its ingredients are known to burn fat cells.

The website belongs to the United States. To know the authenticity of a product, we need to know the legitimacy of the site that sells it. Thus we researched more and found that the website has a good trust score. Also, good reviews (given by its customers) were available about the patch on the site, although it was also found that the website uses an internal review system, which is usually used to manipulate reviews.

All this information raises the same question, Is Jishaku Patch Legit? So to know that we analyzed the product and website further.

What is Jishaku

Jishaku is a patch for weight loss solution that is sold by the website It is made of ingredients extracted from a herbal mint, that helps eliminate toxins and make our body slim. These patches are tested by organizations like JASSO and NCBI and marked as safe. But only for external use.

The package sold on the website has fifty pieces per pack, and the price is quite reasonable. The shipping is free in the United States, and no international deliveries are made. Returns and exchanges are accepted within 24 hours of receiving the product.

Modes of payment include PayPal and various types of credit cards.

Specifications of

  • Website type – Online retailer of Weight loss Patch
  • Country – United States
  • Shipping fee – Free
  • Returns and exchange – Accepted
  • Contact address – Statesville, NC
  • Email Id – [email protected]
  • Contact person – Not available
  • Payment modes – PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal Credit, American Express
  • Social media – Not available.

Pros of buying from

  • The product Jishaku Patch is made of a natural herb.
  • The shipping is free in the U.S.
  • Returns are accepted.

 Cons of buying from

  • The age of the website is hidden.
  • Reviews available may be fake (due to internal review system)
  • No feedback available on WebOfTrust (WOT)
  • The contact address provided is a general one.
  • No contact number is available.
  • No social media presence was detected.

What are People Saying about Jishaku Patch?

Usually, it is a must to know what users or customers say about a product. So to know about the Jishaku Patch Reviews, we researched more. There were several positive reviews available for the patch on its website The customers looked happy with the product and had given good ratings.

But to our dismay, we found no feedback of the patch on other reviewing sites. That threw a ray of suspicion on the genuineness of the reviews available on the mint patch website. For a product that is so popular (as indicated on their website), there have to be specific reviews on other sites as well.

Although it has a good trust score, customer reviews are essential for other users to buy the product.

The Final Verdict

In the end, we would only say that the Jishaku patch may be the right product, but lack of feedback creates a doubt on its legitimacy. We cannot trust a website and its product until it shows transparency in giving all information. The hidden address details and phone number indicate that it is not a completely legit website.

A careful study of the Jishaku patch showed that it is not entirely a trustworthy product. Hence, the customers are advised to beware and be cautious about such a product.

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