Is Irrperb com Legit

Is Irrperb com Legit {July} – Is It A Scam or Legit? -> In this review, we will get to know about a new e-store selling toys and fashion accessories at the lowest price.

From how many websites have you been shopping personal care products and fashion accessories? Do check out

We have received many queries asking is Irrperb com Legit? As the website is new, we thought of sharing all the essential aspects of this company with our readers who are looking to buy personal care stuff and fashion accessories online.

A large number of websites are selling trendy outfits; toys for kids, jewellery, personal care stuff and fashion items, but women like to discover more. As when it comes to fashion, women do not want to leave any stone unturned. New companies are forming every day and use multiple ways to gain traffic on the website. They can do so by way of offering huge discounts, free shipping and several other rewards. To find out Irrperb com Reviews, we need to read out the entire article.

In the United-States, people are keen to shop online, especially during this corona pandemic, where people find it challenging to visit the offline store.

Let us find out all the information about this new company below.

Is Irrperb com Legit?

Well! Going by the website age, the domain was registered three months back, which is a bad sign. Generally, domain age less than six months are considered a scam as there is a possibility of fraudulent activity. Moreover, the domain was registered in China. Most of the information available online does not recommend it.

Furthermore, it does not have any social media links connected on the website, which is a bad sign for any ecommerce portal. The company claims to sell the products at unbelievable prices, which is good to be accurate as the right products come with at least a decent amount if not much. It does not accept any other payment mode except PayPal. It seems like it fooling the people of the United-States.

What is

Irrperb is a new online website selling products such as Toys, Personal Care items, Fashion accessories and better life items. It has various types of designs and elements in sub-categories which claim to improve your life exponentially.

All the items look decent, and the prices are fantastic. You can use all these products in your daily lives. However, how safe is your money if you buy anything from here? Is Irrperb com legit? Or it is a scam like several other websites.

Well! There are various things we can discuss to know its authenticity.

Specifications of Irrperb:

  • Company Name: Irrperb
  • Company Type: Ecommerce portal for fashion accessories and personal care products
  • Website Link:
  • Order Processing Time: 1-3 business days
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Shipping Time: 11-18 business days
  • Cancellation of order: Before shipping
  • Return: It offers 14-days return policy
  • Exchange: Applicable
  • Refunds: Applicable but no timeline available on the site
  • Company Telephone Number: Not Available
  • Company Email Address: Not Available
  • Company Address: Not Available
  • Payment Modes: PayPal

Pros of Buying from Irrperb:

  • Claims to offer top quality products
  • You can exchange, return, cancel or ask for refund
  • Lowest price

Cons of buying from Irrperb:

  • Not trusted as less than six months old
  • Most of the reviewers do not recommend it
  • Shipping fee information not available
  • You can only pay via PayPal; no COD or any other payment option
  • Origin Country is China, the possibility of counterfeit products

What are customers saying about Irrperb?

As the website is new, there are no reviews or section available on the site. So we went ahead with our research and found out that the domain is just three-months-old. We could not find any Irrperb com reviews from customers; instead, most of the reviewers have not said kind words about the website.

The company belongs to China, and this is the only information we could able to find. There is no information regarding the company telephone number, email address, office address, which is a bad sign. No genuine company will do that, and they keep all this information easily accessible to customers.

However, there is no complaint registered about it. Moreover, it comes with the security of HTTPS, which means the data remain safe from middlemen attacks and is encrypted.

Final words

The website is new in the market and is dealing with toys, life improvement products, fashion accessories and much more. The company claims all these products are excellent in quality, which we believe could be wrong. Most of its products look like counterfeit items, which we cannot recommend. It has received negative words from reviewers. Considering all the above points, it does not seem like a genuine company.

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  1. On 9.7.2020. I’ve ordered two folding lawn chairs with canopy. I had an email yesterday 18.7.2020. It said my goods were to be delivered. All I received was two blue material bags with ties at the top. I don’t know what these items are, but I certainly didn’t order these. I paid with PayPal. I’m thinking this is a scam. I have written to them so hopefully I will get my chairs.

  2. My experience is exactly the same as Margaret Sadler. 2 folding lawn chairs ordered. No chairs just 2 blue canvas bags that arrived by Royal Mail and were delivered through a normal sized letterbox!
    This company is not to be trusted and use it at your peril.
    A £35 lesson in responding to Facebook adverts without doing any research first.
    This is the second adverse experience in buying from Facebook ads.
    I’ve learnt my lesson!

  3. I ordered 2 folding chairs with canopy and received 2 covers, I’ve asked for my money back and still haven’t heard a word from the company

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