Is Heisadragon com Scam

Is Heisadragon com Scam {Oct 2020} – Guided  Reviews! >> Love cake decorating but afraid of being scammed, so read the reviews here carefully.

Do you avidly search for ways to decorate cakes and pastries at home or are a pastry chef? In need of designer piping nozzles? Then look no further than the Heisadragon com

Today, people search for more and more fields to apply their creative skills. It includes the pastry industry as well today. Now, one of the main elements of pastry design is the nozzles for the frosting piping bags. The website Heisandragon com was created recently, and the same Is Heisadragon com Scam question arises! 

To clarify, this website is set up in the United States and quietly but steadily gaining momentum. 

We ensure clarity to the reader; all you must do is read this Heisadragon com Reviews until the end. 

Is Heisadragon com Scam? 

The Heisadragon com has a creation date, which dates back to June of 2020. This is one of the classic signs that tell you the website will not last long and was created to scam people. 

The choice of products offered on the site is haphazard, and the prices, unbelievable low. Even though there is an HTTPS connection present on the site, all the social media links provided are directed to empty pages. 

Or the person would end up opening up their own social media page. Apart from this, the contact information too is incomplete! So, Is Heisadragon com Scam? We believe yes, it is. 

What is the Heisadragon com?

Heisadragon com is an e-commerce company that presents customers with only a limited variety of products, eight to be precise. There is no clear segregation of categories, plus all the products displayed on the home page. 

The site seems to lack any flavour that could entice customers to make purchases from it. It tries to present a somewhat legitimate front by providing a company email as well as an address. 

This information is complete with an SSL certificate that will keep all the customer’s details safe from any third-party attacks. But the layout and the products are quite similar to numerous pre-existing scam websites, which makes this website too sound like a scam! 

Specifications of Heisadragon com

  • Products- Kids toys, utility belts, nail clippers, hammocks, etc 
  • Website-
  • Email- [email protected] 
  • Phone number- 442032899821
  • Shipping/processing time- 3-5 business days 
  • Delivery time- 15-20 business days 
  • Shipping fee- not mentioned 
  • Returns- can be made within 3 or 30 days from date of delivery, up to 40 days in case of Brazil/ Russia 
  • Exchange- not mentioned 
  • Refunds- information is provided after returns are processed 
  • Online Payment- Visa or Master Card, American Express, Discover, Debit card or PayPal 

Pros of the Heisadragon com

  • The website allows the use of multiple modes of online payment 
  • The site has an HTTPS connection 
  • They allow for quick refunds to take place 
  • The layout makes it easy for customers to navigate across it 
  • They promise world-wide delivery 
  • The product information is clear with ‘how to use’ videos 

Cons of the Heisadragon com

  • There are only 8 products present on the website 
  • They offer products at unbelievably low prices 
  • Similar products can be procured from legitimate sites 
  • The website was created less than 4 months ago 
  • The website provides fake social media pages 
  • The address provided is a fake 

What do the customers say about the Heisadragon com?

Heisadragon com Reviews has analyzed that this website lacks customer feedback and may take another couple of months to gain momentum. It is because the site was created only two months ago. 

There is currently only one online review that talks about the website in the United States. It talks about this website being safe to purchase since it has an HTTPS connection. 

The reviewer also comments about the Heisadragon com generating less online traffic. But it shows no signs of being blacklisted for its practices. 

Apart from this, the website shows fake social media icons making it impossible to connect with any customer that made purchases from it. Such things are known to raise suspicions of the legitimacy of a website. 

Final Verdict- 

The analysis of the Heisadragon com tells us that the site is new. A less than 4-month-old creation date is commonly associated with scam sites, as you may have read in the list of disadvantages mentioned above. 

It can be safely assumed that making any purchase from the site will land the customer in difficulty. Hence, we shun the use of Heisadragon com!  

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