Is Furbo Legit 2020

Is Furbo Legit {Oct} Read Reviews Before Order -> This article is an honest review of Furbo Dog Camera. It is not a promotional article and is intended to be in a suggestive mode.

You would not miss out on your dogs’ precious moments as you can not only stay connected with your dog on a real-time basis but also capture those beautiful moments for you. This device, named Furbo, is a dog camera. Let’s see in this article, Is Furbo Legit?

Furbo is a United States based Company that delivers its products across.

What is Furbo?

Furbo is a revolutionary product for all the dog parents out there. It is a camera that gives you live updates of every action of your dog and also tosses treats at your dog. Now you would not miss out on any of your baby’s precious moments or would not miss being around his.

This product’s basic idea is that the dog parent will not have to feel wrong about their dog being alone at home and waiting for them. This device gets connected with wifi. This dog camera allows you to talk to your dog while you are away from home. It does not require any batteries and uses a USB cable and a standard power adapter to plug into the wall.

Is Furbo Legit?

The treats that are tossed can be of any type provided the shape of the treat is round-shaped. The diameter of the treat should be 0.4inches. It comes with a 30days free trial feature, including a person detector, bark detector, and much more. Also, it comes with a one year warranty. Thus the question Is Furbo Legit? Proves to have yes as an answer.

The key features of this product:

  • Video Quality: 1080p – Fully – HD 
  • Audio Quality:, built-in.speaker &- customized snack-call 
  • Treat capacity: capacity 100 pieces. Treat should be round-shaped with diameter of around 0.4 inches.
  • Type of Alert Barking: Automatic barking detection and push on notification, customizable sensitivity detection according to dog breed.
  • Photos and videos can be captured.
  • Spill-proof as it comes with 3M adhesives Bamboo wooden cover, which will keep the device sturdy.
  • It sends push notifications on your smartphone for every action detected by the device.

Pros of buying Furbo Reviews

  • You can keep an eye on your pet by using its bark detector, person detector, or other activity.
  • You will not miss out on any precious moment.
  • You can toss treats at your dog being away from home.

Cons of buying Furbo Reviews

  • As per the customer’s experiences with this device, the audio sensitivity and quality are not upto the mark.
  • It dispenses 4 to 5 treats at a time, which is not good.
  • A little tricky to find the perfect place to install this device so that the dog does not knock the machine off.
  • All the essential vital features can be used after paying subscription fees, which comes for free for the initial month. 
  • The video quality also needs improvement.

What are people saying about this website?

Furbo Reviews are a mix of both good and bad. The majority of the users complain about the device connectivity issues they are facing and how the audio quality is very shabby, and how sometimes the device cannot detect the dog’s bark. The users are also complaining about how the treats dispenser option on this device tosses 4 to 5 treats at a time. 

The primary concerns of almost every Furbo Reviews say that the main features of this device like bark detector, person detector, and other vital functions can be used after paying a subscription fee. 

Final Verdict:

Overall the idea behind this product is fantastic. Still, considering the Furbo Reviews, it concludes that the device needs loads of improvement and provides a few other critical features for free or a little low subscription cost, which will make the device user friendly. Otherwise, the stringent and limited features to use makes this product almost lifeless and a waste of money. 

If the brand considers the customer’s feedback and improves its product, this product will be a favorite one for all the dog parents out there who wish to stay and spend more time with their baby dog. For now, this product seems to be a waste of money if you do not want to go ahead with the paid services. Also, the customers’ bad experiences of video and audio quality are an alert to keep away with this device for now, until the brand improves on its quality. Don’t forget to share you experience with us for this product.

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