Is Flockek ru Legit 2020

Is Flockek ru Legit [June] Is It an Authentic Website? -> In this article, you get to know about the home accessories and other stuff available online.

Are you looking to enhance your house’s look with some exceptional DIY items, Furniture, home accessories, and more? Take a look at Flockek now.

Our home is the essential part of our lives; most of the time, when we roam around in our house, we use to look at the paintings, Furniture, lights, boxes, and much more. Today, we came up with the reviews about Flockek where we will share information about the site and will let you know Is Flockek ru Legit or not.

People in the United States are interested in buying these kinds of stuff, and they appreciate this website for its beautiful products.

If you are also looking to buy amazing stuff for your house and want to make it look, keep reading the Flockek Reviews till the end. The items on this site are very eye-catchy and can easily make your home upgraded.

However, there are many views that people have regarding this website, and we want to clear those doubts and answer those questions for our customers. 

Is Flockek ru Legit?

The website has a considerable option to buy products as per your choice. All the contact details like number, email, and company address is mentioned on the site. Privacy, shipping, and refund policy is also accessible.

However, we found a click as shop now for women’s dresses on the home page, when we clicked on it, no activity happened on the site, these kinds of links do not make sure that the site is legit. 

What is Flockek ru?

This website deals with antique switch plates, lanterns, night lights, boxes, bins, and hats. The products on this site are good enough to enhance the look of your house. There are a variety of boxes, including the baby product case, book boxes, and accessories boxes.

Besides, they also have some choices to buy from home entertainment accessories, DIY, Furniture, storage heating garden furniture, air conditioners, and much more to shop. 

Why is Flockek ru Unique?

The site’s products are excellent and vibrant; the thing that makes it unique is the customizations available in most products, you can choose colors of your choice. 

Apart from this, they have free shipping and returns on all orders, which is appreciable as it gives us the freedom to shop because no one wants to pay extra in shipping or returns.

The products on this site are descriptive and have multiple images. They have also mentioned that the products get delivered with security features. Policy details are well explained.

Specifications of Flockek ru:

  • Website type- Home and women accessories 
  • Website Link-
  • Standard delivery time- 3-5 working day for light items, 7-10 working days for heavy items
  • Return- available
  • Exchange- available
  • Shipping charge: standard is free
  • Contact number: +12563695004
  • Company address- 1926, 67th South Street, 250 Suite, Omaha, Nebraska 68106
  • Email address- [email protected]
  • Payment- Online

Pros of buying from Flockek ru:

  • Product customization option is available.
  • All policies and contact information is given.
  • Free shipping and returns are handy.
  • Affiliate business options are obtainable.
  • Secure checkout and payment procedure.

Cons of buying from Flockek ru:

  • Some links are not working.
  • No cash on delivery is available.
  • No discount offers are provided.
  • The prices of some items are high.
  • The delivery service is open in the selected area only.

Customer reviews on Flockek ru:

The site is new and does not have any customer reviews updated regarding the post-purchase. So, we checked on the search engine, and we found that there are only available reviews for air conditioners.

The AC on flockek are cheap on price, and many found it useful though, some said to not fall for it. Apart from this, we did not find a single word regarding the dresses and other products available

Final Verdict:

As we honestly shared, there were pros, cons, and conflicts about the site as the site has some flaws in it. Also, customer reviews are mixed. The site is new, and it is nowhere found as a suspicious site.

But, some clicks are not working, and that can create doubt. As we do not want you to flush your hard-earned money. We do not recommend you to choose this site in one go, still, if you are impressed with it then contact them first and make a decision.

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  1. After I ordered some of these air conditioners I tried several times to email with a question. After no response and no further activity on my order except processing I canceled the order. A few days later I received an email that my order has been shipped that day. I waited and a package arrived and it was like medical masks. I contacted them and went back and forth several times and while they were apologetic wanted to charge me 40% of what I paid for shipping and the item I got. The website I ordered from I could no longer access and the phone number provided was not in service. Furthermore, on the website it said they were listed in Omaha Nebraska yet the package came with a tracking number indicating it was China. This is a bogus site they are fraudulent and lie about their company and I’m sure they lie about their products and they’re scammers!

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