IsFakeittillyoumakeit.comLegit (Sep 2020) Reviews.>> In this article, you explored the website that deals with gold and silver chains!

Do you want to give yourself a bad boy look? Young boys and adolescents are fascinated to give themselves a bad boy look. Fakeittillyoumakeit is dealing with gold and silver chains with a pendant of Bad Kids. Youngsters are getting crazy about wear this United States-based online product. Before buying accessories from online platforms, it is necessary to confirm their legitimacy. Many scam websites claim to deal with gold and silver chains. However, they deliver the fake ones. Reviews is thus an initiative to give you clarity about the same.

Hence, we will provide you with all the details in this article to let you know that Is Legit?

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Is Legit? Reviews will give you a clear picture of the products available on We have gone through the website’s details on the internet and concluded that the online store dealing with gold and silver chains is not trustworthy. Your money spent on buying these products will be wasted.

Therefore, we can answer your concern stating that Is Legit? No, it is not a legit website.

What is

Fakeittillyoumakeit is an online store that sells gold and silver chains.Besides, they also deal with bracelets, rings, watches, Cubans, Grillz, clothes, etc. the company offers Bad Kids chains for free for a limited period. The company claims that its chains feature handset VVS simulate diamonds on its rope chain. These chains are gold plated and 22 inches in length.

The company claims that their handcrafter Cubans, tennis, franco, and rope chains are very demanding. Bracelets will make you step up your wrist game. You can make it bust down diamond watches with a shining experience that no other can provide. The best collection of their Grillz in your mouth with gold, silver, and rhodium will make you shine on your haters. Besides, their flyest hip-hop glasses will give you a crazy look in the game. 

However, all the claims of the company can be proved true after checking Is Legit or not?

Specifications of

  • Website Type: Online store for funny gold and silver chains
  • Website:
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Address: Los Angeles CA 90038
  • Shipping Center: 14648 S 800 W, Riverton, UT 84065
  • Returns and Exchange: No information available
  • SSL certification: No information available

Pros of

  • Huge Collection of Unisex gold and silver chains, bracelets, rings, Cubans, etc.
  • Funny quotes on its clothes
  • A limited period offer of free gold chains
  • Attractive accessories

Cons of

  • Few reviews available
  • Fake products
  • Artificial accessories 
  • Low-quality products Reviews: Reviews are not satisfactory. Many customers have complaint that they were cheated after buying a product through this website. They were delivered the artificial chains. Many of them stated that clothes bought from the online store located in the United States were of poor quality. 

Besides, many customers who wanted to return their products could not do so. Their return request was not accepted and their money spent was a waste. The free offer of getting free gold chains made many youngsters attracted to it. Many of them got cheated, and they were left with artificial products.

Therefore, our advice is not to get trapped in the websites that attract their customers with free offers. No company can give gold products for free. It proves them to be a fake website. 

Final Verdict:

Fakeittillyoumakeit was founded in 2013 deals with gold and silver chains, bracelets, Cubans, Grillz, clothes, etc. the company claims that their products will greatly influence others. Besides, their free offer of a Bad boy gold chain has attracted many youngsters in the United States and worldwide who want to give themselves a funky and crazy look among their peer group.

However, all the claims proved untrustworthy after we checked Reviews. Customers who ordered gold or silver accessories through this website received fake products. The quality of their accessories was very low. Many of the accessories broke after they for some time, and its polished came out in a few days.  

Hence, we request parents to keep a check on what their children are buying and make them stay away from the scam websites. Please share this information with your family and friends to make them aware of not buying products from this online store.  We also advise t avoiding making any purchase from any website without checking its legitimacy. Stay alert from scams.

In the end, we can conclude that the answer to Is Legit is NO.

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