Is Facebook Class Action Illinois Scam

Is Facebook Class Action Illinois Scam (Sep 2020) Facts. >> As mentioned above, the article is for the settlement between Facebook and Illinois over privacy laws violations.

These days, there is a piece of news that has been trending worldwide. It’s nothing else but the fact that thousands of users from Illinois will receive an amount of $400 from Facebook. When news about people getting money out of nowhere, it is bound to create some stirs. Let’s know more about what this news piece from the United States is all about. Also, this article will help you understand Is Facebook Class Action Illinois Scam? ‘

What is Facebook Class Action, Illinois?

It is a piece of news that is the settlement fund given by Facebook to the users, which will be because of a biometric privacy law that was violated by Facebook. For this, Facebook will be providing settlements to users from Illinois. Is Facebook Class Action Illinois Scam? 

How did this news spread?

Various Facebook users in Illinois who lived there between 2011 and 2020 got a notification in their app that stated the court’s notice. It was how these users would receive Facebook payments in action over the face recognition technology used by Facebook. Most people thought that it is a scam that they have received. So, let’s know Is Facebook Class Action Illinois Scam?

Is this settlement a Scam?

Well, to your surprise, it is not. Actually, in July, Facebook agreed on a $650 million payout to settle a class-action lawsuit that alleged that Facebook had violated the strict Biometric privacy law of Illinois. It was to sue the companies who used to collect biometric data from the users without their consent. So, this settlement is the largest privacy settlement for consumers in Illinois to date. Do we hope it answers all questions like Is Facebook Class Action Illinois Scam? 

Who all are eligible to get $440?

If you are a Facebook user who has lived in Illinois from 2011-2020, you will be eligible for this money. You will receive somewhere between $200-$400. However, there are tw conditions that have to be followed. The users have lived in Illinois for at least six months in the period, as mentioned earlier. Two that the user has uploaded or is tagged in at least one photo on Facebook during that period. This settlement has made Facebook turn off the setting of Facial recognition as well.

Public reaction to this settlement:

Most people thought of this notification as a scam. There were a lot of people searching Is Facebook Class Action Illinois Scam? However, they are now happy to know that it is not. They think it is an easy process that takes hardly two minutes to apply for the settlement. The last date to do that is November 23. Some people e think it will be a historic decision as it will protect the users against the invading of their biometric data that can be exploited in various surveillance activities.

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