Is Evstree Scam

Is Evstree Scam (July) Read The Reviews For Better View >> In this article, you will read about beautiful disposable party tableware, at the best prices.

Are you one of those in the United States who are wary of all the cleaning that comes after a good party? Have you recently stumbled upon as a rescue? The range of products are a charm, aren’t they? Ready to order? 

Here at Evstree Reviews, we would ask you to wait a minute and check us out. At Evstree Reviews and our team, we have put together a full detail to help you understand better, and answer Is Evstree Scam or not! 

So, read on before you take that final decision.

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Is Evstree a Scam?

Evstree Reviews has found through their in-depth research that the is a website that was registered just on 13.07.2020, just a few days ago. Traffic on the website is from negligible to very low. The website is using the Zencart platform, which is home to several fraudulent sites. 

Evstree Reviews also discovered the website does not have a dedicated server and is hosted on the server, which is known for its security loops and is tremendously exploited by fraudsters worldwide. 

However, the most disturbing point in this is the registered address. Evstree reviews found the website’s registered address to be at Guangdong province of China, while the office is supposedly in the United States. This pushes us to answer Is Evstree scam with a yes!

But not all is bad news, Evstree reviews also found the website to be having the “https” marking it safe. And it is also not marked by any blacklist engine as unsafe. 

However, considering how young the website is, we are left to wonder Is Evstree Scam or not!

What is provides the people of the United States for beautifully crafted disposable tableware. Their products range from beautifully designed tissue napkin sets, customized to occasions, and crafted paper cups and plates. They offer other items like paper straws, birthday and anniversary signages, and even customized party decorations. 

The items on offer are highly delicate yet beautiful to look at. The website offers customization as per your requirement. Just one click and you have your party décor and tableware, elegant, theme-based and disposable!


  • Website type: Beautiful Disposable Party Tableware
  • Shipping time: 24 to 48 hours
  • Delivery time: The United States 3-8 days; International 5-14 days
  • Shipping charge: Free
  • Return or Exchange: Within 30 days of order
  • Refund: 15 days of receipt of the returned item
  • Company address: 6365 Townline Road, NY 14422 United States
  • Contact number: (216) 849-8298
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Payment mode: Only PayPal

Pros of using

Based on the products and the reviews following advantages can be ascertained to it:

  • The website is User-friendly.
  • The products are customized and eco-friendly.
  • Delivery is provided at the door.
  • You can both return and exchange products.
  • Shipping is free all-over United States.

Cons of Using

  • The company domain was registered on 13.07.2020.
  • The website uses the Zencart platform.
  • The website is hosted on
  • The website is registered to the Chinese province of Guangdong.
  • The website does not offer COD 
  • No customer reviews are available on the website.

What are Customers Saying?

Evstree Reviews could find little customer reviews from the United States or worldwide with regards to The website is so young that most people have not heard of it. The few who have are sceptical about ordering. However, the few orders that the website has received haven’t received favorable reviews. 

The customers reported Evstree Reviews about the poor quality of the product and the fact that the tissue napkins fall apart. The designs and colors are also not matching to the website displays. Moreover, the plates and dishes are thinly lined that they are practically not suitable for eating or drinking. 

The handful of customers that this website has attracted so far has directly answered a Yes to Is Evstree Scam. 

Our Verdict

Evstree Reviews, after their thorough learning, feel that is a very new website, and it is always better to avoid websites that are less than six months old. As reported by the customers, the products are not up to the mark, and the return and refund policies take a lot of persuasions and follow up. The products are too delicate to be trusted in online delivery. Evstree Reviews feels the question Is Evstree scam can now be rightly answered as a yes.

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