Is Duug Website Legit

Is Duug Website Legit {July} Think And Buy From Legit Site -> This article provides reviews on a newly launched webstore that sells earrings.

Do you plan to buy a set of earrings online? There are several websites available nowadays, and one of them is duug. website, that sells earrings. You may straight away start buying from the site, but it would be a wiser decision to find first, Is Duug Website Legit or not. Reviewing a website before its usage is a better option than falling prey to any scam.

Here in this article, we will provide you with relevant details of the new webstore launched, just a few days back. It is a prerequisite to analyze all pros and cons and then proceed further. Shopping online can be a risky affair if not carefully planned. Thus, we researched the website accurately for you to judge it.

The website belongs to the United States and sells earrings only. You will come to know of all the required information as you read on.

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Is Duug Website Legit?

This newly launched website is very young and is related to two countries. One of them is the U.S., and the other country is in the list of countries, that show a high risk of fraud and corruption. That is the first drawback.

Apart from that, the website has got a low trust score and has no feedback available on sites like Web OfTrust as well. The website is very new and is only 17 days old. It is registered for only 366 days, which shows a short life span. There are no Duug Website Reviews available on reviewing sites as well.

The customer strength is low and has a nil traffic volume to its portal. The site uses an https protocol, usually considered safe. But a free one is also available, that the online scammers often use. The website is thus found to be under a precarious state and cannot be trusted entirely.

If you ask, Is Duug Website Legit? Our answer would be no. The language used on the website reveals how unprofessional they are, and cannot be trusted at all.

What is

It is a newly set up webstore for selling earrings online. It has a variety of earrings available, but not a wide range is displayed. There are no other related products of jewellery available, but the price of earrings is reasonable. 

The shipping is free in the United Statesand it takes around 6 to 10 days for delivery. The returns and exchanges are accepted within 30 days. But the refunds are provided only after approval of the returned product. Otherwise, rejected.

Payment methods include Credit card and PayPal. The contact address and phone numbers are available for the customers to contact. An email support id is also available.


  • Website type – Online retailer of Earrings
  • Country – United States
  • Shipping fees – Free
  • Returns and Exchange – Accepted within 30 days
  • Payment modes – Credit card and PayPal
  • Contact address – 80 Huntington, St. Spc. 461 Huntington Beach CA 92648
  • Email ID – [email protected]
  • Contact Person – Dave Horton
  • Phone number – 803 520 1898
  • Social media – Nil presence

Pros of buying from

  • The shipping is free for delivery
  • Returns and exchanges are acceptable

Cons of buying from

  • Not a wide range of products is available.
  • Returns have a condition to be accepted.
  • The contact address is a doubtful one.
  • No reviews available on trusted websites.

What Are Customers Saying About

It is a human instinct to be curious about anything new that is launched in the market. But being extra cautious is the best solution to beware of any scam. So we looked for Duug Website Reviews online, for helping the buyers. There were no reviews available as such but negative feedback was available for the e-store.

The feedback for the website revealed counterfeited products received by the online shoppers. It is a significant threat for new customers to shop online on this new website. That can be judged from the feedback available.

The Final Verdict

Looking at the pros and cons of the website, we can well judge the new site. It reveals the legitimacy of the new webstore. We cannot completely trust the online retailer of earrings as it has a lot of flaws.

The biggest flaw is in its return policy, followed by the nil presence on social media platforms. A company to be trustworthy has to have a right presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But this website lacks this requirement.

Hence, we declare the website to be an illegitimate one.

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