Is Dearjohns Myshopify legit

Is Dearjohns Myshopify legit {Oct} – Is It A Scam or Legit? -> This article will help you buy items for yourself, loved ones, and home online.

Just because you cannot step outside, are you purchasing items from online stores? Do you consider the involved risk of shopping from websites that can be a scam? We will guide you on how to keep yourself safe from such con-tricks. You have been asking us, Is Dearjohns Myshopify legit?  Finally, we pick this question to answer your multiple questions regarding the scam. 

Before starting with the article, we ask you to consider why such websites are there in the market and how they become successful? It all starts with us and ends with us. The United States is encountering countless scams day by day. Therefore, such companies target this area to exist for a brief period and make millions. 

The Dearjohns Myshopify Reviews are questionable, and we feel, they are also seeking a complete justice for all of us. The journey to truth can be bumpy, but we assure it is satisfying.

Is Dearjohns Myshopify legit?

Let’s begin by relieving your stress and confusion regarding this question- Is Dearjohns Myshopify legit? Our answer is NO because the website has inception dates back to 20th April 2020. Being two months old now, it has not received any review either from the existing buyers or trust rating websites.

It has Cloudflare security measures that is valid until 9th October 2020. To check the legitimacy, we always search for the owner’s information. Unfortunately, no information about the person sitting behind this domain is present to us. It means you cannot take assurity on the safety of your personal and bank details. 

Not only that, but the web content, product pictures, and product descriptions are also imitations of Pinterest and other scamming online stores. Whatever the company claims, it is just a trap to loot you with your money and information. 

What is Dearjohns Myshopify?

Dearjohns Myshopify is an e-commerce store selling thousands of miscellaneous products ranging from a necklace, resisting band set, anode rod, liquor lock, and much more. Most of the items are available in a set of two or three that cost lowest to your pockets. 

You can even buy a laptop under 80 dollars, which is impressive, right? You also have access to the company’s address, email ID, and contact number to reach out for an executive to guide you with your order and queries. 

Specifications of Dearjohns Myshopify:

  • Website Type: Miscellaneous products for home, men and women
  • Delivery time: 7-10 days
  • Shipping Time: 2-5 days
  • Shipping charge:  7.99 dollars
  • Return: Applicable with a 30-day policy
  • Refund: Applicable
  • Exchange: Applicable
  • Order cancellation: No information found
  • Company Address: Harrodsburg, Kentucky, 620 Mallard Cove
  • Contact number: (859) 183-2797
  • Email address: [email protected] 
  • Payment mode: PayPal only

Benefits of Dearjohns Myshopify:

  • Fastest shipping and delivery period
  • Easy returns, exchange, and refund
  • Cloudflare site security measures
  • Detailed product information
  • High-resolution and clear product pictures

Cons of Dearjohns Myshopify:

  • Unorganized website layout
  • No product categories to ease your shopping experience
  • Imitated product pictures and information
  • Only one payment method is available.
  • Incompatible site security measures 
  • The company’s address is fake.
  • No SSL certificate found 
  • Zero product or website review is available
  • No social media coverage
  • Less than six months of site validity 

Customer Reviews:

Even after our thorough analysis, we cannot find many reviews on Dearjohns Myshopify. However, our sources inform us that many existing buyers are not happy neither with the product nor with the services. Some users are claiming that the company takes your money and never sends you any product. 

Some buyers also state that they are receiving unnecessary calls and emails for different reasons. It is threatening to share personal details with the company. 

Our Final Words:

Want to know what do we think? Dearjohns Myshopify is a big scam, and it is visible on the website. First of all, the layout of the home page is entirely unorganized. Because it sells 1101 products, you will be trapped in a puzzle to find the right product. 

The company has not shared valid information for you to contact them in real life. Besides, the imitated product pictures and content is enough for you to check its legitimacy. Apart from negligible site security measures, you get zero payment assurance. 

If you want to keep yourself and your money safe, then do not entertain such scamming websites. Please share your views on our article or share it with people to warn them. 

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