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Is Cured by Julep Scam {Sep 2020} Reflectetd Reviews! >> Love healthy and manicured nails? Want to give yourself one at home? Then read this review.

Hitting the nail salon too expensive for you? Then you may have explored the market and come across the Cured by Julep kit.

Being prim and proper comes at a price, but no more are women ready to invest in long toxic hours at the local nail salon. 

The DIY their way into a nifty manicure with the cured by Julep kits. However, ever since the company’s downfall, many questions Is Cured by Julep Scam.

The cured makers have their head offices in the United States and the product had quickly become a rage. 

Reading this Cured by Julep Reviews will give you the much-needed insight into the product and much more.

Is Cured by Julep Scam? 

The makers of Cured by Julep have been in the market of nailcare since 2007 and are quite popular. There is more information regarding it and its makers available online. 

One search of the product name will show you the reviews and stores you can buy it from. Which means there are no red flags to be found regarding it. 

The website can be purchased from has all the right ingredients for making sure the customers will be able to make secure payments online. 

To answer the many questions regarding the Is Cured by Julep Scamit can be said that the product is not a scam product.

What Is Cured by Julep?

Cured by Julep is a bag full of four essential nail care and paint products that will take care of your nail growth and bright manicure needs

It is made of a treatment enhanced formula by Julep but is currently only provided by the QVC online store. So, all four products in the bag will act as a nail growth enhancers. 

The QVC videos and reviewers claim to be seeing a change in their nails growth within two weeks of use. They are best when trying to give the nails an in-between breather color. 

This Cured by Julep Reviews will tell you that unlike much other nail care and nail paint brands; the Cured by Julep uses no formaldehyde in its products, which is why they can be perfect for your nails. 

The brand recommends applying nail care products once or twice a week.

Specifications of Cured by Julep: 

  • There are four bottles in each cured by Julep kit
  • All formulas are sans formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, and camphor
  • They utilize oxygen technology with added Vitamins B5, C, and E
  • 0.74 ounces of Sheer Pink with taking a breather oxygen nail treatment
  • 0.74 ounces of Sheer Pearl with a take a breather oxygen nail treatment
  • 0.74 ounces of the brighter is a better oxygen nail treatment
  • 0.74 ounces of the what your nails need natural strengthener
  • They are all made in the United States
  • Application of all should be on bare nails
  • There are additional benefits of citric acid, lemon extracts, and lemon peel oil

Pros of the Cured by Julep:

  • The nail products packed with vitamins
  • They will promote healthy growth of nails
  • The colors will give a fresh manicure look
  • Can be used without the help of a nail technician

Cons of the Cured by Julep:

  • The full bag must be purchased to get the discount
  • The products are only available for purchase in the United States
  • An adverse reaction to the products could be possible
  • The product is only available on the QVC site

What are the customers saying about the Cured by Julep?

All the Cured by Julep Reviews by customers seem to be positive. One user mentions that Julep’s cured oxygen nail products are excellent, and her nails looked amazing after the first use.

One more comment about not being able to grow her nails before the use of Cured, and now she has solid nails, and she has to chop them every two weeks.

There is one negative review where the purchaser was shocked by the deterioration that her nails showed. She mentions not being able to reach out to the company regarding this issue.

Final Verdict- 

All in all, it can be said that the product is entirely legitimate, and its purchasing will come in handy.  

The set of four products could make for excellent gift options as they are budget-friendly and don’t like giving themselves a healthy manicure at home?

Therefore, the Is Cured by Julep Scam must be justified as not a scam and product should be given a thumbs-up, and if you have used them before, then share your reactions with us. 

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