Is Coronam website Legit 2020

Is Coronam website Legit (July 2020) Is It A Scam or Not? >> In this article, we inform you about the site that sells protective covers.

Are you willing to some protective products for the well-being of your family? Well then, let’s see the products of Coronam, which claim to be protective. 

With dozens of diseases scrolling around here and there, it has been more than essential to maintain robust security everywhere. We are evolving faster than ever, and with growth, we are also developing brand new diseases and disabilities. This is precisely why we need to take care of things from the very beginning itself. 

We want to explore more about this United States-based new website called Coronam that claims to provide high-quality protective covers. As the website is very recent, it becomes our prime duty to enlighten you about the question- Is Coronam website Legit?

You will find all about the question in this thoroughly researched Coronam website Reviews, which will help you, make the perfect shopping decision. 

 Is Coronam website Legit?

Is Coronam website Legit? The answer to this question – is a big NO, and the site is a SCAM site. Some sites may look genuine, but in this race of developing e-commerce sites, many scam sites fearlessly eat up the hard-earned people’s money.

But don’t worry, we are here to guide you about each aspect of the site, keep reading!

Coronam may look very professional, but this Coronam website Review is relating to the site’s real fraudulent features.

What is Coronam? 

Coronam is the United States-based online store which has a minimum collection of protective covers. It claims the theory of ‘working together’ for the benefit of both the company and the customers. The site looks very genuine, with an ample amount of essential information needed by the customers. 

But despite all these alluring points, there are few things which are too suspicious to trust the site. You will read all of those factors below in this Coronam website Reviews

Specifications of Coronam

  • Company Address- 6099 Schofield Dr, Pensacola, FL 32506 United States
  • Contact- (320) 980-3618
  • Contact Name- Jake Elmore
  • Email- [email protected]  
  • Shipping Time- 7-10 Working Days
  • Shipping Location- Everywhere except Russia
  • Shipping Charges- Zero
  • Delivery Time- 1 Working Day
  • Return and Exchange Policy- Available
  • Refund Policy- Unavailable
  • Privacy Policy- Available
  • Payment Mode- PayPal
  • Tracking Order- Available at USPS site.

Pros of Coronam

  • The site is well designed and equipped. 
  • It has a good collection of protective covers.
  • It has all the essential information.
  • It has a valid HTTPS connection. 
  • It has a comprehensive customer care support team.
  • It has a secure payment gateway for PayPal.

Cons of Coronam 

  • It has an old domain registration on 22.03.2003 and updated recently on 15.10.2019.
  • It has no social media handle and no promotional posts.
  • It has no customer reviews or Coronam website Reviews over the internet. 
  • It has low traffic. 
  • Norton or McAfee has not secured it.
  • It does not accept cash on delivery or bulk product demands. 

What are people saying about Coronam? 

People are not saying anything about this site; actually, there is no customer feedback or even a single Coronam website Reviews, which says a lot about the authenticity of a website. Coronam is not a site to put-in your trust as it does not have any customer feedback, which is a bad sign. 

How do we know Is Coronam website Legit or not; without the product or website feedback; this is such a drawback, which either means that the site has no customers or is fooling people by deleting the feedback. 

Final Verdict

Coronam is a scam site, as this site is too old but still has nothing to do with social media promotions or customer feedback. We have seen the site selling insect net, food dish cover, portable enclosure net, anti-fly-mosquito net, and seven more types of protective covers.

It has been selling only 11 covers at a very high price tag, which is practically not acceptable. Adding to it, the site only accepts Paypal, not any other gateway or COD. 

With so many drawbacks, it isn’t easy to trust the site with all potential customers’ great mindsets. In this Coronam website Reviews, we advise you not to purchase from the site, and if you have done purchasing from here, please feel free to comment down the experience to help others. 

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