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Is Legit (August) What Is It All About? >> In this news article, get to know about the in-budget paint services for your home, apartment and much more.

Do you wish to paint your home walls? Tired of old home decor and want some change? is the perfect place for you!

Nowadays getting a perfect blend of the paint colours can be stressful! How wonderful it would be that you get expert guidance, and then you are all set to go with your beautiful home with a perfect blend of the colours.

Many painting experts committed to providing the essential services to your home in no time. But as nowadays, the fraudulence is enhancing day by day, it becomes challenging to trust anyone just by mere looking at their address online. 

So it is necessary to go through the specifications, properties and the customer reviews of the particular website. Reviews can help you identify about their service. They are grabbing a lot of attention among the people in Canada.

So to know more about their services, we will highlight the main features of their services, customer reviews. It will help you to decide that Is Legit or not?

So let us proceed further.

Is Legit?

When the feedback of their services is checked on other search engines, it has been observed that has more of the positive responses as compared to the negative ones.

The customers are very much content with their service. It ensures that customers are highly enthusiastic about their services and if you are still sceptical that Is Legit or not?

 It can be said that they surely satisfy the customers and quite legit. But let us dwell deeper to get a clearer picture.

What is

It is a company quite popular in Canada who holds the work of painting home walls, apartments, etc. at the most cost-effective prices. The founder of this company is Ken Blackburn Jr. He is known for his dedicational work worldwide. 

The feedback of the previous customers indicates that these guys are doing great work and those too at the most cost-effective prices. Every detail is mentioned on their website.

What are the specifications of

  • Services: Painting of the homes, apartments
  • Email Id:
  • Cost: $1 for each square inclusive of the materials
  • $375-425 for 1 bedroom inclusive of the paint
  • $500-7– for 2 bedrooms inclusive of the paint materials
  • Website:
  • Mode of Payment: VISA, Master Card, American Express

What are people saying about

This company has been able to gain a lot of praises by previous customers. If you are sceptical that Is Legit or not, you can check the previous customer reviews.

Looking at the last customer’s feedback indeed it can be clarified that Is Legit one.

Bottom Line

All in all, it can be said that the team of are doing a great job. The people are highly content with their services and all those people who are looking forward to painting their homes or apartments are recommended to avail their services at the best prices!

So, the question that Is Legit or not might be answered. 

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  1. The feedback is all new accounts from this year dummy. They are FAKE! This loser is a scammer has can’t paint a simple kitchen cabinet properly.

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