Is Clarifion Air Ionizer Scam [July] Is it an Online Scam or Not? -> In this article, you get to know about an air ionizer and its legitimacy.

The air ionizer is in trend nowadays to stop air pollutants. You might have bought many remedies online. Now its your time to check out Clarifion Air Ionizer.

Is Clarifion Air Ionizer Scam? Well, that is an obvious question when you get to know something new and attractive. As this product is entirely new, some so many people are unaware of this product.

Currently, this product has a booming demand in the United States.  It has many numbers of reviews from there.

If you are planning to buy a new air ionizer for your home or commercial places, you are on the right page. Our Clarifion Air Ionizer Reviews will be helpful to you.

Is Clarifion Air Ionizer Scam?

Is Clarifion Air Ionizer Scam? You might have made this thought when you get to know something too good to be real. This air ionizer is entirely different from air purifier systems. As of 18 July 2020, the domain age of the website is more than eight months old. And the SSL certificate is valid till 12 September 2020.

Clarified have a FB page with a good number of followers, which a good impression for a brand.

But how about return on investment in the money you spend? How can you be secure about your money if you buy from this website?

Let me help you with giving more information in our Clarifion Air Ionizer Reviews.

What is Clarifion Air Ionizer?

Clarifion is an air ionizer device which is small in size. And portable enough to carry with you. 

How does this product work? This product diffuses the negative ions into the air of the space it is activated. These negatively charged ions make bonds with the pollutants present in the air and make them heavy. Such heavy particles fall on the ground and can quickly sweep or vacuum it from the surfaces.

Because of its compact size, it does not acquire more space when installed. It is an ideal quality of this unique product. The product R&D team has done a great job. It is very easy to operate. Just plug into a unit in any standard outlet in your home and wait for the blue LED to turn on. One it is on, it is operational. It can work in almost any area of infrastructure.

Specifications of Clarifion Air Ionizer

  • Ozone produced- no ozone produced at all
  • Filter replacements in the product- not need to replace any filters
  • Any noise during operations- ultra quite
  • Type of ions released- negative ions
  • Ionization capability- up to 10 million pieces per cubic centimeter
  • Installation- easy installation in any unit
  • Maintenance- practically no maintenance needed.
  • Mobility of device- it can be used anywhere even in vehicles
  • CARB certification number- G-20-016

Pros of Clarifion Air Ionizer 

  • It does not produce ozone, as ozone may cause many medical conditions.
  • Compact in size, which makes it ideal for carrying around too.
  • The operation is simple, plug in the unit and wait for the LED to glow.
  • It can be used in any part of the home.
  • Practically maintenance-free, no filter or cartridge replacement needed.

Cons of Clarifion Air Ionizer 

  • Many identical products are available at many low prices.
  • It is an electrical device; the electricity bill will always be a cost.
  • More large space needs more devices for the ionization process as the limit per device varies with the broader area of exposure
What are customers saying about Clarifion Air Ionizer?

Customers are seemingly very happy with its performance. Many positive customer reviews are present on the website and on a significant eCommerce website. The customer ratings are average more than 4-star-rated.

Some good reviews are as follows, sneezing reduced due to use of this device, helped many users in allergy coughs, the house is less dusty, home smells better after use of this device, quality of sleep has increased. The device is discrete; no annoying noises are produced by it, helps to reduce smell in the basement, and no maintenance is the most loved feature.

Final Verdict

Looking at the customer reviews and research we did, there are only positive points oozing out from everywhere. It is a great help to people who dont feel good with dust and awkward smells in the home. This device is much loved, and we conclude that Clarifion Air Ionizer is Legit.

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